View Full Version : Whole new tarp idea

2005-11-30, 01:06
Came up with this idea, made a rough sketch.
Any problems or improvments needed that you can see?
The current plan for the door opening is to overlap the material and secure it with ribbons. (no zippers, or velcro) This will make to much material for door closure when it is a tent, but the excess material can be managed with ribbons sewed in different places.

2005-11-30, 10:20
I actually made one similar to this several years ago. I made it about 5' tall to use with my hiking staff. It's about 9' in length and about 4' wide at the opening. The tail end sits about 1' off the ground for ventilation and gear access. I use one section of a collapsible aluminum for that end. I made it out of sil-nylon, so it's extremely light even with the metal pole.

You may want to consider some grommets for your staff/poles. Also, you'll want to place a tie-out in the middle of each wall. It will sag w/o them. I placed a loop of material at the top inside. I hang my skeeter netting from it. One last thought, put some ties on the inside and outside of the doors. This will allow you to tie open the doors for some great views and ventilation.

I made mine when I lived in the NE. Since I moved to TX, I don't use it. Too many snakes and scorpions down here for my taste. I have also moved to the penthouse with my HH :biggrin: