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SGT Rock
2005-12-01, 22:33
To all my hiking buddies here at the HQ,

I want to make sure everyone here knows I am doing it again. I am leaving to go to Iraq again. I just found this out for sure today.

I won’t be leaving right away, this time I am getting about a month to get myself ready and spend time with my family. And then I get another month and a half to do some specialized training for the mission I am going to do over there. Make no mistake, I want to do this particular mission because it will help get the troops home faster - it is that sort of mission.

I know a lot of you here are vets and supporters of the soldiers. Keep it up.

This year I had plans to go to SoRuck, Hard Core, Trail Days, and other events. Unfortunately I won’t make it this year. Where ever you all are when you do this, drink one for me please. To the class of 2006, good luck, sorry I won’t get to meet you this year. Maybe in 2007.

I know Dixicritter will keep the site up while I am gone. I just haven't figured out what to do about the Ion Stove stuff yet.

And most of all I hate to do this to my wife and kids. They tell me they understand, but I know they don’t like it. I only wish there was a way to make it easier on them. ‘Nuff said there, I will do the rest of my apologizing to them at home personally.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Good luck planning your hike.