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2005-12-02, 08:23
I just want to report that I have been unable to reply to the most recent post in the Updates forum - that would be SGT Rock in Iraq. I am flat out denied permission to post.

So - best of luck Sargeant. I don't wish that this become a war of words on the US policy in Iraq - there is room for a galaxy of opinions on that subject.
Just do your best, and come home safely.



SGT Rock
2005-12-02, 08:41
That forum is designed for just me to post, so it may be the reason you couldn't reply to that thread.

Thanks for the thoughts. I will be around for a while in and out, and I will eventually be back.

Hog On Ice
2005-12-02, 08:59
SGT Rock - let us know if there is anything we can do to help you and your family

SGT Rock
2005-12-02, 09:41
Thanks HOI. I'll keep that in mind as I get ready. Chances are I won't know until I get there what I would need most anyway.

2005-12-02, 11:09

god bless and keep you and yours while you're away... and thanks. if there is anything you need from here, i'll do my best to get it for you.

2005-12-02, 12:53

May God be your battle buddy... Thanks for answering the call, again... We all owe you... Feel free to ask any assistance, personally, for your family.

If you see my son, Cpt Rob Tier, Opns off, STB, 3ID, his second trip also, Please tell him That I send my love, be safe and get his butt home...


The HotDog
2005-12-02, 14:26
Thank you for your service and dedication to this great country we live in.
Thank you, again and may god bring you home safe and sound.

Our prayers are with you and your family.

The HotDog

SGT Rock
2005-12-03, 09:14
Thanks guys. Since in this forum we have a lot of current and former military I figure I can tell you what I know without giving anything up that could be considered sensitive.

I'm going to be the Operations NCO of a SPTT (Special Police Training Team) Division. I will be in the HQ of what is basically a Brigade (O6 billet) which will have 4 battalions under it, and each battalion will have 3 teams. The job is to advise and train the Iraqi Special police (which are elements of a Public Order Division) to perform counter insurgency operations. As I understand it, the Iraqi police Public Order Divisions are being are being organized like an Army Division. The Special Police is like the SWAT, or ATF, or FBI HRT type organization in this formation. So the intent is to make them the head busters again the insurgents and allow the American Army to

I have a great Brigade Commander that has been chosen to head our "Division" which lead quite a few NCOs from my Battalion to volunteer for this mission. All my guys that volunteered are going to be 2nd and 3rd time vets from OIF or OEF and they are all combat arms except for my Medic NCO who is phenomenal and exactly who I would want around if someone got hit. I have no clue who the other officers are going to be, but I hope (more expect) that the Brigade commander is hand picking his A Team for the mission.

No word on where we are going in country or how we will live, or even what our equipment will be past TA50 and personal weapons. I'm trying to put together a personal packing list based off what I can remember needing the most right now.

2005-12-03, 21:18

I feel safe in guessing that you will not be unhappy with packages containing dehydrated burrito fixings and tortillas, ramen and appropriate additions.

You DISLIKE peanut butter, right?

How are you on couscous and bulgur, or will you see enough of that in the Middle East?

I'd hate to see you lose too much weight having to make do with those less than delectable MRE's.

Good Luck!


SGT Rock
2005-12-03, 23:01
I don't plan on eating MREs if I can help it. As for couscous and bulger, send them. I don't remember ever getting any of that from an Iraqi last time.

2005-12-03, 23:09
You DISLIKE peanut butter, right?

He not only dislikes it, he out and out HATES it! LOL.

I personally think he's nuts... ;) :biggrin:

2005-12-04, 20:19
I'm with you, Sister!

Do you have time to PM me? You should have my home E-mail.