View Full Version : New Gear!

2005-12-02, 15:10
found this great piece of lightweight gear in my REI catalog... don't know how we ever got along without it...


ok... so maybe there are some really 'old-fashioned' ways of creating the same effect... but this has to be better, since it's for sale in a catalog, right? probably less noise and smell this way too!

(omg... wtf will they come up with next? dehydrated water?)

2005-12-02, 16:36
I heard that theres this new technique for starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together.
Do you think rei will have that in the catalog

2005-12-02, 20:50
I understand they've come out with a series of hiking videos too.
Now we can all sit at home watch the video and toast marshmallows over a fake wood fire!!
No more having to risk going out!!

2005-12-22, 16:56
Hey, Dropkick; Ya gotta apply the right technology; before you toast the marshmallow, dip it in cherry brandy, THEN toast it. When it's perfect. lay it on the piece of chocolate you put on top of that graham cracker and top it with another cracker. There are even ways to improve s'more's!!! ;)

2005-12-22, 17:42
Hey, Gramps!

Hold the marshmallows and graham crackers, pass the cherry brandy and CHOCOLATE bar! <g>