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Olive Drab
2005-12-05, 22:05
Right now I have told my 1sg and commander my intent to leave the unit (USAR Civil Affairs) for something else. I am not MOS-Q so I am still 11B at the moment and dont hold the CA MOS which helps in my case I think,
I have been in correspondence with a USAR CID unit and if they approve me to come on over then I will jump at the chance. If it doesnt work I am either stuck here or can look for another unit.
A bud has given me a contact with an Intel unit that he says is hurting for people to reclass to 97B, CI Agent. The dilemma is the reclass course is pretty long from what I gather. I am still in college and wont finish my accounting degree until May 07 but I dont want to take a semester off to go reclass.
My current unit, upon hearing me intent to leave, has offered me a slot to reclass to 96B, a Squint. My current clearance is a Interim TS (Had a secret for yearas) so no real clearance benefits here except the ability to be read on for SCI projects with the 96B or the 97B MOS.
CID Agent, 31D: will set me up nicely if I decide to go into Federal LE. Reclass phases are over my spring break and last phase is during fall. Probably get to do some PSD work and some great LE training.
96B: Allows me to stay in my current unit (20 mile drive) and gets me SCI access which I could use to pull a cleared job later on. Allows me to network with intel and other agencies and has future job potential in the intel community.
97B: Dont really know all the specifics of the job, but I assume I will get some investigative experience here. Might get to do some spook stuff but my gut tells me that probably isnt going to happen.

96B: I am unhappy with the way this unit is being run which is partly why I want to leave in the 1st place. Personnel action seems to be slow as people in the unit are waiting for promotions from boards 5months ago. Soldiers are also awaiting awards orders from several months back. PT program is weak/non existent. Money seems to be diverted to keeping O-6s on ADSW orders and not sending soldiers out to schools.
97B: Longer reclass will conflict with school and may delay graduation. I also dont really know entirely what this MOS does aside form background and other investigations. Unit is also about 2 hours away
31D: I dont see any negatives aside from the unit being 3.5 hours away. That is a non issue. Last resident phase of the reclass may not align with the fall semester and holidays as the first non resident phase is.

Any suggestions?

SGT Rock
2005-12-05, 22:42
That is a lot of issues. Go 19D or 11B and have some fun.

2005-12-05, 23:26
Nah, go 19K and jump out of planes!

Olive Drab
2005-12-05, 23:34
No ABN Combat Arms units around here. They deactivated the LRS unit here a few years back so thats out. ITs a shame because I have a pretty decent commo background with SINCGARS, HF and SATCOM. I think the nearest LRS is like 4 hours away. 20th group is close but I run into the same problem with time. I wish i had my degree already as this would be a lot easier.

2005-12-06, 00:52
The only advice I can give you is to avoid working for MI. I've never known anyone who was happy with it, or lasted long at it. Most after being in it for a while left the military completely.

If your interested in civilian law enforcement I'd go with the CID job.

This is only my opinion.

2005-12-06, 01:35
12, umm, I mean 21 Bravo.

Apply your 11B skills with high explosive :D

2005-12-06, 09:29
i was an intel guy for 5 years, infantry for 2 years, and armor for 4 years... best times i ever had were as an infantry or armor platoon leader, and as a bde s-3 (mi guy, but working in a log unit...)

CI is Counter-Intell, not Humint/secret squirrel... james bond might exist, but never works alone like in the movies... so there is no glamour in the CI job...

bird dog
2005-12-14, 22:46
Im with Rock, go 19D and jump out of planes (got the tshirt). As for the CID job, let me share a bit with you. I am a police officer in a fairly large city and was hired by a federal agency (but didnt take the job) before I decided to come here. Most federal agencies are unimpressed by MP's, CID types. They are looking for guys with white collar degrees (Accounting, etc) because a criminal cant be a good one if he cant finance his enterprise. (Most organized crime groups are charged with financial type crimes). While the experience is good, alot of agencies (mine specifically and alot of the larger ones) are leaning towards hiring those without prior police experience. They feel as if other LE agencies ingrain bad habits. Each department is different and each state has very different laws. Just trying to give you some food for thought to assist in your decision. BD

Olive Drab
2005-12-14, 23:32
Bird Dog,
THanks for the reply. Jumping is always possibility, but I would have to stay in Civil Affairs (switch units to one about 90min away) or go to 20th group. Im not taking a semester or more off for training until I graduate. Im a reservist so the 19D and airborne isnt possible.
Funny you mention accounting as I am in the middle of finishing my BS in it. I graduate in May 07 and am going to start firing off applications to a lot of the letter agencies once I hit the 6 month from graduating mark. I am also going to apply to the private sector since it seems a lot of the fed investigator jobs can take up to 3 years to process. I am trying to get into a few different co-op programs but no openings will probably pop up until summer or fall of next year. IRS CID has my resume at the moment but with only 1 slot per office, they are all currently filled.

bird dog
2005-12-14, 23:52
OD - Another thought. A buddy of mine applied for the Marshalls Service about four years ago. He just got called for the interview a few weeks ago. Also, another guy applied for an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) positon - took him six years to get hired. I am by no means telling you this to discourage you from a federal LE position. Just dont put all of your eggs in the "federal basket" or you may be "hungry" for years. Look at some local options and use it as a stepping stone to a federal job. Your active federal time will still count towards pay and retirement no matter how long it takes before you are hired. Ive been through federal and local hiring processes. If you have questions, PM me and I will be happy to address them at length if you think I can help you along. I got out of the Army in 2001 after eight years, and already much has changed. Rock, Jim Tanker and the like would be your best resource here for current military info, but I can help in the LE circles. Alot of local agencies are offering competitive salary and benefit packages to federal LE agencies (specifically larger departments) and do the same jobs in local circles (once you complete your mandatory time in patrol). Local agencies also offer a wider variety of positions than do federal positions (i.e. Investigations, Intelligence, Vice/Narc, K9, Traffic, SWAT, Hostage Negotiations, etc.) so you can move around when one position begins to get "old hat". Anyway, keep your options open. Also look at an intern position with a federal and/or local agency to help decide which route you would like to go. Let me know if you need more info. BD

Olive Drab
2006-01-04, 02:11
USACIDC at Ft Belvoir shot my packet down due to no MP/LE experience so I guess I can cross 31D off the list (for now)

2006-01-05, 23:11
Just go IRR until you graduate. If you ever get classed as CA you will never get away from it, that is a crictically short MOS. If you decide to go to the 20th, PM me, I'm retired out of the 20th. If I wanted to get on with Fed law enforcement, I'd go to the Border Patrol, they'll take you without a degree. If you do go to the 20th, depending on what BN you join, they'll teach you Spanish.