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2005-12-06, 05:31
I added this to see what everyone thinks and if it is a useful item. Basically I got bored one morning and decided to modify some kit, and lying on my floor was a webbing pistol belt and some 25mm webbing strap. On the belt was a large Fastex clip and on the webbing some D-rings. One thing led to another and the result was a rifle retension sling.

It was designed with the intention of being used by soldiers in an urban combat environment, i.e.: Baghdad. Essentially all that you do is attach the lower most peice of webbing to the weapon's sling pin, and tighten it. Then at the top of the sling you are able to attach a carabina, and sling the weapon vertically from your web kit/chest rig. When a troop engages an enemy, simply un-clip the fastex clip (while holding the weapon of course) and pull down. This will allow the rolled up webbing strap to unravel and give more mobility of ones weapon. If, and hopefully not, a soldier were to be hit and drop their rifle, the sling would retain it, while another soldier recovers the wounded soldier w/o having to worry about the dropped rifle.

Interesting mod I thought... What do you reckon? (Where there is white duct tape, I have been meaning to get it cross-stiched on a sewing machine).


SIDE ON (showing rolled webbing):

WITH WEAPON (crappy plastic M-16):

I have attached a 10kg weight whilst only being held by the tape, and all the plastic components held, nothing slipped or broke.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.


SGT Rock
2005-12-07, 07:49
There are some kits like that out there. I made one with a caribeener and some 550 cord. It attached to the rear sling point and the caribeener hooked to the shoulder loop on my body armor.

2005-12-07, 10:33
Only problem I can see is it getting hung up if you have to drag it along behind.

Maybe a break away carabiner or buckle? 30 lb. test would hold for normal use yet not slow you up much if any if it got tangled in something.

(30 lb. test is the only way I could think to write a breaking strength - i.e. fishing line)

2005-12-07, 16:09
Good idea, i'll take that into consideration when I play around with it again.