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2003-01-08, 01:27
Ok me and Rock are branching off on our own. We really need to start from scratch. There were to many problems and headaches behind the scenes with taking over the WhiteBlaze site that others were not seeing.

But here we are. We are working on finding a server to put the site on and a new name. We plan on having this all done in two weeks. Our deadline will be 28 January. That is more then two weeks but it should be done before that. Right now we are using Rockís site until we can get this all done. Oh, Thank you Rock for letting us use your site.

The purpose of the site has not changed at all. We are going to let the users run the site as was done before. We will just sit in the background and participate. Nothing has changed.

We will be doing some changes to the site as the deadline comes closer. Right now it was just thrown up in the spur of the moment to fill the void. We need to come up with a color scheme and layouts and all that good stuff. So please be patient with us as we start doing this. We need to make this site unique so we do not get accused of copying anyone else.

2003-01-08, 06:59
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to both of you!!!!!

Lone Wolf
2003-01-08, 07:30
Cool. Y'all need some financial help?

2003-01-08, 07:50
Troll your the one that made the transfer a pain in the ass, I tried for 3 weeks to get you to transfer the server and billing to you. Had you took care of that things would have been different now, so don't blame me. Tell them the truth that you were skittish with the transfer.

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 08:00
Well Im probably 1/2 to blame on that since Troll and I are partners and were at the time. I guess I could have just gone ahead and took over that stuff instead of waiting for Troll to have to do it all. So throw some of that my way.:)

2003-01-08, 08:04
Im' not throwing anything, I just want people to know what really happened and not be accused of some behind the scene stuff that never happened. Every contact I had with Troll revolved around the transfer of the site and thats it.

I needed to close the forum down at the old site because I no longer own the licence to that forum, so I had no choice.

2003-01-08, 08:07
Dave@whiteblze.net sent out an e-mail, telling of Sgt. Rock's new Forum. Good move. :D :D :D

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 08:11
Dave, thanks for the link and the e-mail. Your still too cool.

I agree, I hope you see the last post I just made on the General board. Basically I don't want to blame you, but I think I deserve some of the public blame for screwing up, not just Troll.

2003-01-08, 08:16
Alright then i'll blame a day or two of my alcoholism and as Hikerhead would say it just turned into a cluster fock of a transaction.

2003-01-08, 10:04
Thanks to all of you for this web site! As a Newbie who plans to thru hike in 2003, I'd like to thank Easy for making and maintaining the site to begin with and Sarg. and Troll for being willing to keep it going. As one who has built and maintained several organizational web sites, I know what a pain in a_ _ they can be. I was really sad when I couldn't find the site last night and very happy to get an e-mail with the new address. Let me know if I can be of any help.

2003-01-08, 10:15
There is no blaming anyone Dave. I did everything that you asked me to. I think Ventures is the one to blame. I sent them mail and even called them on the phone and still it did not get transfered.

2003-01-08, 10:41
Sorry to interrupt the dispute, but getting back to Lone Wolf's
GOOD POINT To bring up Lone Wolf!!!!!
I'll second that motion.
Please let us know what the financial needs might be, when, and how.

2003-01-08, 11:07
Jeez where were all these offers of donation when I ran whiteblaze.:D

Anyways i'll be starting Whiteblaze.Org down the line somwhere after my much needed break, probably at the end of the year after hiking. Hopefully people will come up with donations then, since I will have to re-purchase the forum licences I gave away.:mad:

2003-01-08, 11:29
Thanks to all involved for keeping hope alive, and giving us a place to come and procrastinate from real work! Thanks Dave for getting this beast started in the first place!!


2003-01-08, 11:35
We are going to try and do this without any financial help. It is an honor and a privilege to put up a site like this for people to use and get information from. The reward is to see it grow and prosper. I am speaking for myself here but I think I speak for Rock when I say this. We both have chatted a long time about what we want and expect from the site so I think we are both on the same wavelength.

We are not looking for a host to put the site on. We have several in mind. But we need to find one that does not have any pop up adds and various other things that we do and donít want. Just picking the best one is the dilemma.

Thank you all for the offer though. It is greatly appreciated.

2003-01-08, 11:56
Go to Ventures Online it is the best hosting company out there. I have been building websites both professionally and personally for the last five years and have found no better place than Ventures, yes theres cheaper sites that promise unlimited bandwidth and other stuff, but there junk and for amatuers. I have used over 20 hosting companys in the last five years.

Anyways I do know what im talking about and am qualified with all my experience to tell you Ventures Online is the best hosting company out there besides Verio which is way over priced.

2003-01-08, 11:59
I've had great experience with hosting client sites @ Verio, but I agree with Dave, overpriced for what you get. I recommend staying away from Blue Domino, they recently screwed a client of mine over big time...


SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 12:05
I'm playing hurry up and wait at the office trying to get out to the field today. When it rains, it pours.

I'm leaning to Ventures on-line. I went through a few servers with my site before the one I'm on, but I don't think this server can handle the trafic over time like the Ventures server could.

2003-01-08, 12:11
Yeah, the Ventures Online looks like a good setup at a great price, with php support and all, which Verio makes you pay a premium for. I just signed up for the V50 plan for another venture I'm working on, figure I'll give it a try. You guys need any temporary space, let me know, I'll be glad to let you use some of mine - I don't need much for the time being.


SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 12:23
I think the trick will be trying to back up the SQL database and transfer it over to the new domain so we don't loose anything. Any experts out ther have any thoughts?

2003-01-08, 12:27
I was looking at Ipoweweb and they say they will do the transfering for you so maybe tranfering the SQL will not be that hard if they can do it. This might be something to look into: http://www.ipowerweb.com/

2003-01-08, 12:29
Is it mySQL?


SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 12:37

2003-01-08, 12:49
I used to have a good front-end tool for mySQL that made for very easy backup and restores - I'll dig through some stuff this afternoon and see if I can find it. As long as you do a full dump of the database and keep the database name intact (so it matches vBulletin's config), it should be a straightforward process.


2003-01-08, 13:34
Ipowerweb is a reseller ............. they don't have the servers onsite.

A basic rule for alot of webmasters or atleast for me is to stay away from resellers, they pack way to many sites on there rented servers.

2003-01-08, 13:43
Here's the tool I was thinking about, it's a php admin interface for mySQL databases.


Jack Tarlin
2003-01-08, 19:33
First off, thanx to the new folks for getting this new site going; this is VERY important as a lot of prospective hikers had come to value and depend on the information we were exchanging.

Also, and equally important, thanx, Easy, for providing a link so folks could find the new site with a minimum of difficulty; this was a kind and classy thing to do. Being fairly new to computers, I've no idea how involved it is setting up and maintaining a site such as this; thanx for all your earlier efforts and good luck with the future ones.

One last thing, Easy: I hope you'll consider lending or sharing some of the old posts with the new site, especially the ones regaring such things as Scheduling, Financing, Maildrop/Re-Supply information, Town/Hostel comments, etc. I think a lot of the prospective hikers really found this information useful, and it'd be nice if they could still consult it, especially as some of them will be leaving for their trips in a matter of weeks. Anyway, if you've no immediate plans or use for some of the archived stuff, I REALLY hope you'll consider passing some of it along, as it'd save folks having to essentially re-write their older posts as the same questions come up again, which they're bound to do, and also, it'd ensure that the prospective hikers of 2003 would have access to this material. You managed to put together a remarkably useful information source in a very short time, and it'd be a damned shame if this information failed to reach the folks who could most benefit from it, so if you have no immediate plans for some of the archived stuff, I hope you'll consider letting us post it here.

Thanx again---------Jack.

2003-01-08, 22:13
Just wanted to tell you guys thanks for keeping this up and running. It was starting to become a trend with AT discussion forums disappearing overnight (ie Trailplace, AT Basecamp, etc). Thanks.

2003-01-08, 22:14
im gone from the old forum for a little while and look what happens! what did happen? last i was on it it seemed fine. im still very confused, but oh well. it seems that Sgt. has taken of running the site, so thank you for that, atleast in some way the site that once existed is still alive, after what two moves now? so thanks Sarge for keepin this alive. and thank you easy for notifying everyone.

2003-01-08, 23:59
I am really amazed that everyone is "pussy footing" around the fact that Easyhiker stabbed us all in the back. While I do appreciate the fact that he started whiteblaze (I was one of the eight that he emailed he wasn't mad at for not thanking him) , and all that entails, I remember that he stated for all to see that he was transfering the site to Sgt. Rock and attroll. I was on line the other night when he started the take over/shut down and read some of his comments. Maybe it was the 151 talking then but this is now. I hate to see people like Jack asking if he could "lend" us some of the posts he has archived. This forum is now under responsible leadership and we should all be greatful!

PS. Dave, not trying to rag on you but I'll bet you really agree!

2003-01-09, 00:16
Go ahead an have your say but there were also alot of things going on that you don't have a clue about and I never stabbed anyone in the back intentionally. Had I wanted to Fock everybody I would have never emailed all the members this morning nor put a redirect on the site.

2003-01-09, 09:28
Dave, Thanks for deciding to transfer the site in total. I appreciate the fact that you do realize how much almost 500 of your fellow hikers enjoyed what you started. I apologize if you were personally offended by my post, but hey, I was pissed off:)
I wish you only the best and I'm sure many others do also. Please stay active on the site and I hope to see you out there someplace.