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2005-12-15, 07:56
From the 12-15th of December, through the Duke of Edinburgh (http://www.dukeofed.org.au/) scheme, a mate of mine and some year 10's set out on an expedition into the Kosciuszko Nat. Park for a four day expedition. Our ultimate goal was to reach the summit of Mt. K (2238m), the top of Australia. Anyway, I though I'd share these photos with you guys & girls. Sorry about the size - don't know how to resize photos.

Self Portrait whilst on the way to Mt. K summit:

Standing on top of the world... well Australia:

Me trekking along a snow pack before glacading down:

A massive snow pack 30m high (although the photo does not show it) and about a 60 deg slope, which I just had to glacade :biggrin::

The range:

Route planning:

Cheers, hope you like 'em!

bird dog
2005-12-16, 20:53
Interesting Scarecrow. Ive never been to Australia, but always had the mental image of the crocodile hunter guy and hot, humid areas. Didnt realize you guys even had snow (never really thought about it). Good pics. BD

2005-12-20, 22:37
Thanks BD,

I'm even suprised we have snow, although I don't doubt it'll be gone within the next 50 years. Besides, compared to overseas, our terrain is crap, and so is the snow now. Anyways, thought people might want to see the video of the glassading, so if you can be bothered, here it is (6.2 MB):

BTW, I'm the one on the left, my mate Luke likes to fall over, lol :biggrin::

Video - Glassading (