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2005-12-17, 00:42
Did my 12 mile ruck march for work today with a 35 pound Army pack. Oh, what fun. Starting at Oh-dark-thirty we took off, 6 miles out 6 miles back.
Yesterday people were talking about thier "strategies" for thier walk. What they were going to wear,eat, pace, and the like. I said, "I'm going to put on my pack and walk."

We get 4 hours to go 12 miles with a 35 pound pack over, more or less, flat terrain. The fastest people did it in 2:45. I came in at 3:21. Guess what? I got the same block checked as the other guy. Go figure.

At the 4 mile mark there were already people complaining about hot spots. One Cpt was changing his socks and one guy had BAD blisters already. When I got to the finish line I was just standing there and could have done another 12. There were people who were at the point of collapse after it. People limping around and some that couldn't even do that. I had to laugh.

My "strategy? I wore thin nylon socks and thick army issue boot socks over that. No hot spots and not even the thought of a blister. And my boots of choice?
Check out these babies:
Suede desert tanker boots!!!

Happy rucking to you all.

2005-12-17, 11:07
I'll bet you were the nicest-dressed guy out there! :biggrin:

bird dog
2005-12-17, 18:07
JT - Nice boots. Will you wear them when we hit Linville Gorge? BD

2005-12-17, 19:56
Nah, I got some boots that are a little more comfortable than those that I will wear.

bird dog
2005-12-19, 18:04
Nah, I got some boots that are a little more comfortable than those that I will wear.

Ha! Those would make you the best dressed guy in the woods. (Then again, it would probably be only the two of us at the Gorge). BD

2005-12-19, 19:02
Looking forward to it.

Just a question to everyone..... What about a pair of hiking boots that fasten like my Tanker boots there? They are supremely comfortable and I can obviously hike in them.

bird dog
2005-12-19, 19:26
If someone could work out a way to keep them fastened securely with no slipping to avoid friction I think it would be beneficial. No worries about broken shoestrings or sore spots on top of the feet from over tightened laces. Nice idea. BD

2005-12-19, 23:55
I think that it would be all a matter of fit. Just like any good boot. Mine have plenty of room in the toe so they dont sweat much. I cinch them down tight around the anke so they dont slip around too much. Not so tight that I cut off circulation though. Know anyone who makes boots?

2005-12-20, 00:51
Know anyone who makes boots?

the regimental commander used to give away custom made tanker boots as TT VIII gunnery prizes... top M-1 and M-3 got them, as well as the plt ldr and plt sgt of the top tank and bradley platoons on TT12. i think they were made by Danner, but i don't remember where they are physically located... back in the late 80s, they were running about $300 a pop... bet you could find 'em on google...

there was also a guy in Colonial Williamsburg, VA, who made custom boots... the village cobbler... said he had a waiting list a few years long.

2005-12-20, 00:55
These desert ones are pretty damn good. Wont be able to wear the black ones anymore anyways.

bird dog
2005-12-22, 22:32
I wear a pair of Danners for work now. They have a gortex liner and steel toe. They are about 3/4 high (not quite as high as the tanker versions) and a waffle sole. I have had them about three years and only had them resoled once. The ones I have are steel toed and a bit heavy, but they are issued for SRT members because of door rams and other heavy equipment. They make a pair without the steel toe that are much lighter. My feet have never been wet and once they are broken in they are very comfortable. BD

2005-12-23, 01:06
I dont plan on doing any real hiking in my tanker boots unless I have to.

Would be interresting to get a pair of boots made similar to hiking boots but in a tanker boot style. Not sure how one would get that done though.

2005-12-23, 14:06
Would be interresting to get a pair of boots made similar to hiking boots but in a tanker boot style. Not sure how one would get that done though.

Completely Custom one-off, anything goes boots.
This guy could definately make your hiking boots ...
but I wouldn't want to imagine the costs. I would estimate
somewhere in the $800-$1000 per foot range taking into account
your design requests and assuming custom orthotics.
But its worth drooling over anyways. Have a look.


Check out the image gallery too. They do alot of hiking boots,
though the tanker style would be a bit out of the norm design.
I am sure, you could make it happen.

and some vague pricing...

2006-01-05, 23:27
I came to Danners late in life and have found them to be excellent boots. They are too heavy for a LW hiker, but just about right for a 90# ALICE pack. Do any of you guys use trail running shoes (ie New Balance 805's) like Ray Jardine suggests?

2006-01-06, 00:48
I should stop doing this, but the majority of the time I hike in sandals.
My feet like the lack of restriction (very wide feet, shoes seldom fit perfectly), and as I like to hike near water bathe my feet quite often.
- Nothing quite as refreshing as putting your feet in a cold mountain stream.

However, I have a drop foot (partial paralysis - can't lift the foot) and if I was smart, should have more ankle support or wear a brace (which I hate), as I am apt to stumble and hurt myself, or twist my ankle (both of which are no fun when I am far from the trailhead).

So far though I have been getting along with my sandles and a cane, and it would diminish my enjoyment to change.

-I do carry along an ankle brace, and sometimes a pair of high top tennis shoes or boots. Plus I just made a new hiking staff, which I have high hopes for.

P.S. In the winter if there isn't much snow I'll wear socks in my sandals, with a skiff of snow I'll wear Addidas hightop tennis shoes, and in deep snow I wear mickey mouse boots.

2006-01-06, 13:06
i still wear boots, but the lightweight hi-tec ones, or something cheap and light/synthetic from walmart or payless... no leather anymore...