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2005-12-17, 22:27
I found this oven like to get one but cant found source nowhere .I have a colemen but like it to be a little smaller . I mean small like for just one bread loaf pan to fit


2005-12-18, 01:13
What sort of stove do you want to use it on?
You can make an oven out of any pot.

2005-12-18, 02:15

this what i am building cant control the heat put holes but not enough even on low flame to hot dont like to crack door open i am using canister can junk this one start over this time got me a cast iron fry pan cut bottom out for heat sink should be better at controling heat with burner on low the first one had a metal one i think metal runs to hot

2005-12-18, 11:22
After thoroughly contemplating the first picture, ... there are but 2 logical
courses of action to take. A) ask Santa for a laser level. Your shelf and
ashtray on the wall there are diving away.
B) Abandon the house before the grade becomes too steep. :P

Just kidding with you. That really looks cool. Have you given thought to
lower temps by more convection. It would seem pretty easy to stretch some
height and lose some width. You mentioned baking bread. So you could
make it pretty tall, narrow, but deep enough for a loaf. 4 X 8 stack duct
sprang to mind for some reason as a good material.

2005-12-18, 11:41

As for as level goes the camera not level the ash tray was a hot item got from work had to put up real fast. I got them small bread pans 2x4 .The stove in picture i goner use if you use the adjustable to keep low flame less heat. The new oven one that i well build have a cast iron heat sink cut out of a fry pan. that should work better. now if this stove does work right i well use a 111 optimus kerosene with silent burner.[ P. S. its my work shop the shelf is level its the floor frost heaves he. he.]

2005-12-19, 09:45
Most portable ovens work by wasting the heat from the stove since it is normally too hot. I currently use a primus techno-trail butane cannister stove which allows for very low flame heights. I have not problem baking bread and pizza in an 8 inch aluminum non-stick saute' pan with an aluminum plate for a cover.

2005-12-19, 10:21
yep well i think i got the stove there is two i got should work need more testing .On these eaders baby 9063 it gos up to 300F holding thats hi flame so this should be ok its a adjustable gas press tank.The other one turm sport alcohol gravity feed adjustable hi flame holding at 210F. got more stoves to check out but first build new one using a cast iron heat sink.

2005-12-23, 11:30
Oven update the bottom got 3/4 holes punch in it plus it got a heat diffuser on bottom

The oven is using a Hipolito #2 stove with a silent burner and adjustable it will hold the heat 350F 400F next thing this week end do a bake???


2005-12-23, 12:11
Looks like it's coming along just fine. Is that an aluminum heat difuser ? does'nt look like cast iron.

2005-12-23, 14:09
Looks like it's coming along just fine. Is that an aluminum heat diffuser ? doesn't look like cast iron.

i tried the cast iron it got red but too thick this one is steel with small holes then the big holes in canister that steel diffuser gets nice and red but the flame does not get inside the canister things are just right its a good thing i bout 5 of e bay canister do a bake this weekend

2006-01-22, 00:28
Ok the one i made is ok but i got lucky found this one e bay got it for $63.00 total be here next week i hope

2006-01-22, 17:56
Here you go oops and everyone else too.

this little oven should work great for your one bread pan needs.

It looks so good I think I'll get one for myself. I suppliment my heating with a wood burner (new englander)


The Hatriolic
2006-02-03, 21:42
That was one big @$$ SVEA!