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2005-12-18, 13:02
Does anyone out there can go outside and get some i would like some 2x2 or 3x3 i pay for it plus shipping :bawling:[P. S. or where i can buy some thanks]

2005-12-18, 16:38
Your local pet store may have some. Ask for a chinchilla pumice block.

Rabbits and chinchillas like to chew on stuff so they sell blocks of pumice for them to chew on.

Also try here: http://www.ulta.com/control/product/~product_id=5502649

2005-12-18, 18:33
Yep thanks i also got some on e bay just like that plus some real stones i go to pet store in town get some maybe. Think mite make nice little stove but must do time study see if its worth it

2005-12-23, 15:32
OK just come in the mail pumice 3 in. long 1-1/2 wide 1/2 thick.put one eye dropper full on it it burn ok not to dad last a long time did not do time on it yet going to make some kind of stove this is great better then a wick maybe.let you know somtime 4or5 days must cut in half i think be better

2005-12-23, 18:19
Prototype done now on a half a pumice but it will boil on it well only hold 1/4 oz alcohol but it will boil water on a thin pot about 12 oz water. The on in picture i cut off just 3/8 in. to fit can put holes a round top bottom plus need to raise pumice to burn right i put two layers window screen under it the in side can just little short plus i did not put v grove at top so that way there is a second can for pot holder. Now 1/2 oz fuel that's how mush it will hold 4-1/2 min. hot water 5 min. hard boil run time 8 min.

2005-12-31, 19:59
Bought the 3 muti-color ones at the pet store, the other one at K-mart.

These that you see do not soak up enough fuel to make an alcohol stove.

Tried it, been there, no workee :bawling:

I ventured I gained :biggrin:

I see you had better luck oops. Keep up the good work :biggrin:


2005-12-31, 22:00
To incognito pumice stove use a fancy feast cat food can 8 holes at bottom i j b weld pumice to bottom of can so they dont move. The top is a soda can bottom press fit tight on can does not need to be welded on top has a 3/4 hole holds almost 3/4 oz fuel it will burn 91% isopropyl alcohol nice and blue only the last end then it gets yellow also burns denatured alcohol

Now on isopropyl
1/2 oz fuel
6 min. hot
8-1/2 boil
10 to 11 min total burn

Denatured alcohol
1/2 oz. fuel
4-12 min hot
6 min. boil
9 to 10 total
o the last pic. all most see flame thats isopropyl