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2005-12-31, 11:20
Now these are some of my stoves on a 1/2 oz fuel they will hold more but this will do for coffee or noodles on 1/2 oz fuel you get between 8 to 11 min. burn time on the trangia burner it holds more fuel so you could fried eggs or meat the others can fired to mite have to a refill or put more fuel at start i found out that a 1/2 oz fuel will do all you need for one meal, on tye right is a coffee grinder i like fresh coffee beans.


2005-12-31, 14:56
That is one fantastic collection!!!!!!!!

When I'm up around Proctor, Vermont I'll give a hoot and a holler and we can meet for a hot cup of fresh ground coffee fired up on one of your favorite stoves.

You do have a favorite right? Which one is it?

I especially like the "STABIL" measuring/dispensing fuel container you have there. I'm waiting for mine to be emptied so I can use it as my primary fuel container.

You have been selected to enter the TINKERER'S HALL OF FAME. All of you that are in agreement acknowledge.

2006-01-01, 00:24
I'll 2nd that

bird dog
2006-01-01, 23:55
I'll 2nd that

The motion has been carried. All in favor say "Aye" :elefant:

2006-01-02, 15:14
AYE :biggrin:

2006-01-09, 04:16
I remember that when I was a kid, I made one with coca-cola can...and nearly burn myself...but that was a good experience, at least I made something that works.