View Full Version : nipple cozy

2005-12-31, 19:51
If you use a monocular on your outings try making a eyepiece for it using a baby bottle nipple. works great on mine. Cut the tip off the nipple to suit the size of your monocular.

Need a pot cozy for your heineken barrel? Use a oven mitt such as the one pictured. Has enough room in it to store your stove and barrel and then some. Multiple use items, I like em.

The small container is a medicine container, they are water tight and are good to store strike anywhere matches and maybe 2 oz. of fuel or maybe some? whatever. They are waterproof!!!!!




2005-12-31, 19:55
Thanks for the tip, but my nipples are always cozy inside my shirt.

2005-12-31, 21:58
This thread could slip into gutter very quickly...!

bird dog
2006-01-01, 23:59
Great ideas Greg. I like the oven mitt. Never thought of it.