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2006-01-02, 15:52
Happy New year everyone.

Was thinking about resolutions for the new year,
and the expeditions I plan to do. Well I got to thinking it might be a good idea,
if everyone posted up some of their hiking plans for this year. You know,
where you're going, dates you plan on (if you know them), etc. etc. Thought
it just might be a good way to see what big adventures we all have planned
for this year, and maybe some folks will find they are planning on hiking the
same trails or same sections of the big trails. ... Also kind of a goal for your
self too. If you post it .. you kind of put yourself on the hook for having to
do it :biggrin:

2006-01-02, 16:22
I'll kick things off first to get the ball rolling. - since i'm the outcast
resident Canadian and probablly wont be seeing any of you on the big
name stuff anyways. :P

Turk's '06 Hiking Resolutions ....

Trail name: LSCT (Lake Superior Coastal Trail)
Trail Location: 95 miles north of Sault Ste Marie, ON. on Hwy 17N.
in Lake Superior Provincial Park.
Dates on Trail: May 19th - May 22nd
Trip Comments: Plan to section hike the LSCT north-bound
from Bathtub Island bay, to the 2nd take out at Cape Gargantua. Should
still be some snow and Ice in some of the bays with evening temps hovering
right around the freezing mark. Good photo ops.

Name: Sand River (this is a canoe/kayak trip)
Location: Interior Lake Superior Provincial Park. Cargo train will shuttle
passengers and equipment from Algoma Rail station in Sault
Ste Marie.
Dates on River: June 22nd - June 30th
Trip Comments: Plan to put-in at the Upper-upper-upper Sand lake
tributary. The regular put in is a "rolling stop" at mile marker 136 1/4 on the
Algoma rail line. This further put-in adds aprox 2 days to the river trip,
additional 4km portage, cliff decents with appropriate climbing gear and
a really really cool "seal-launch" into a class 2-3 rapid to start the trip
out with some gusto.

Trail Name: n./a. Backpack (hammocking) across Jamaica.
Location: southbound to southeast across Jamaica from
Sangster, Montego Bay to Kingston.
Dates on Trail: 1st week of September for aprox 10 days
Trip Comments: A very ill planned trip so far with specific route info.
Have family with property in Jamaica whom I hope to use as a guide to
flush out the loose ends of my route planning. Will likely be flying standby
somewhere around labour day weekend. Have some key villages I plan
to detour to, and some "must-see" touristy spots. Looking at something
around 90-100 miles of actual hiking, with hopefully 90 percent of the
trip in hammocks. Have hostel arrangements for first and last nights stay
in country.

So, those are my '06 trip plans. Hope you share some of yours.
Other than jamaica. Mine are pretty boring and a little repetitive. Did
the first two last year. Will enjoy doing them again with some variations,
to keep it fresh. Have some other ideas not carved in stone yet.

2006-01-03, 11:39
Not sure what my plans for 2006 are. Lifes in general upheaval mode so its hard to pin down anything, but Id like to do the Colorado Trail this summer if Im not in class.

2006-01-03, 12:17
Not to start an arguement, but I will not feel like I'm on the hood by posting plans. Life can throw too many curves. That said, for the next few months-

Planning a trek in February along the AT north of Duncannon, PA. Details TBD, but (2/21-2/26) part of my school vaca week is the time frame.

Next long trip, April school break (Easter week, this year), maybe the Shenandoah Park, or part of it.

Hopefully, another section between Springer and Fontana Dam somewhere late June/early July. I hope to make it to a nephew's wedding in nothern AL and hike before returning to MA.

No forecasting beyond July, yet. Anyone who expects to be in the areas mentioned in the same time frames, I'll be happy if we cross paths!


2006-01-03, 12:22
might be doing a section hike from springer to fontana dam in the late april/early may timeframe, about 2 weeks. still working out schedule conflicts.

2006-01-05, 07:59
Aside from the usual day and weekend jaunts in New England & the Adirondacks - Vermont's Long Trail, North-to-South, first 2-3 weeks of September.

2006-01-05, 14:29
Day hike.
Overnight hike.
Hike on yuppie trails and in SUV-choked yuppie parks.
Hike as much as I can get out, when I can get out to do it.
Try not to have liver failure again.
Um, uh, hike!
Hike Loudoun Heights.
Hike Keyes Gap to HF on the AT.
Hike Keyes Gap to Snicker's Gap on the AT.
Overnight on the Massanutten in Fort Valley.
Overnight on Glacier Ridge in Moraine State Park.
Dayhike Slippery Rock Gorge.
Take Wilderness First Aid.
Hike some more.