View Full Version : STOVE FUEL gasahol 85 percent ethanol

2006-01-02, 17:37
Bought 2 gal. of ethanol 85 percent eth. 15 gasoline.

$1.75 per gallon

Going to give it a burn in the wick burner.

We might have a winner here!!!!!!!!!

Anyone out there tried this stuff yet? Give us some feedback.



2006-01-02, 22:52
I'd be running my car on it every day... Heck at those prices I could even run my old Ford truck. Wish we had it here.

As far as stove use goes, the only thing I'd worry about was if there was any additives. (lubrication, etc.)
If it leaves a lot of soot that might be one indication of additives... of course it might also be an indication of the 15 percent gas.

So basically I have nothing helpful or even useful to say.

2006-01-02, 23:09
Kind of off subject here, but which would you use in a kerosene lantern #1 OR #2 diesel?
Haven't bought kerosene for so long I can't remember which is which.

Maybe I should just buy some Stoddard solvent at the hardware store.

2006-01-03, 19:18
Burned some.....Acts like Iso Heet also Iso 91. It's got soot just like them.
But hardly has the smell of them, just a tinge of gas smell. This stuff has got some potential

I'll try to find out what the 15 percent is.

I would use #1 diesel in the lamp.

$1.75 a gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HMMMMMM