View Full Version : Lightweight OSRAM GOLDEN DRAGON Lantern Groupbuy II US$30 shipped

2006-01-09, 04:21
Hi all! I don't mean to start my first post with a sales thread but I am organising a Groupbuy for my fellow members over at Candlepowerforums and thought to extend the offer here. This is not so much a profit-driven enterprise but more to gather higher numbers for the groupbuy so everyone can benefit (might be able to knock a couple more $$ off depending on final qty).


The old groupbuy (closed) is here for reference :-

This groupbuy is for the handy, small and bright Osram Golden Dragon Lantern (LED lantern). It has 100% and 25% brightness modes too and expandable legs. Weight w/o batts is 112 g (3.9 oz) and with 4 x AA Alkalines is 220g (7.8 oz). Lithium batts like the E2 energizer will be quite a bit lighter (in addition to better cold/heat resistance, longer batt life) but there is no guarantee by manufacturer or me that this lantern is compatible with lithiums (use at own risk).

Lithiums tend to have a slightly higher voltage (1.7v) and sag less under load, so even though they are supposed to replace alkalines in some applications, this should preferably be done if the manufacturer has given the go-ahead of if you are sure you know what you're doing.

This retails for the equivalent of US$36+ dollars excl. shipping and from what I've heard is only available in some parts of Europe. The first groupbuy is over and we had a great bunch of buyers from US to HK to Australia.

Groupbuy 2 is now open for US$30 shipped, new in packaging. There is a 5/5 star review here :-


Pls email me at kryndal2 @ yahoo . co. uk (close up all the spaces) to order. Payment (later when the groupbuy is closing) is made by paypal cash to the same address or paypal credit card (pls add 4%) to kryndal @ singnet . com . sg . I will update your name into the list in Candlepowerforums.

Feel free to email me for inquiries. Thanks and happy camping!!