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2006-01-11, 01:01
Now i just got the companion cup to try and see if i could use a alcohol stove under it after a time i did it the trangia will not work cause the flame goes stright up it must go outward to hit the fins my jiffy heat does that after i got the stove the right height it work. A pepsi one will work as long its a side buner it gets all the same boil times as a canister . on 1 oz. fuel 16 oz water very hot at 3 min. at 4-1/2 min boil roaring and 10 min burn time one 1 oz fuel the pot stand the up rights turn in side the stand and the whole thing fits in the cup it mite be mickey mouse but cheaper then the whole thing and more fun


2006-01-11, 22:39
mite be mickey mouse but cheaper then the whole thing and more fun

I like how your Mickey Mouse ways turn out great stoves. That's cool how the jiffy heat was the right size for the job.

You do nice work Mickey!!!!!!!!(oops56)

Life is good in Vermont :biggrin:

2006-01-21, 00:14
My new jet boil set up it boils the same times as a reg. jet boil

2006-01-21, 20:50
Hey oops, who makes the red compact stove?

You got some great toys there oops. I'm green with envy :rolleyes:

2006-01-22, 22:13
My new kelly kettle stove this is tha red butane now had to put a cover on top of chimney cause the flame is small round to much heat goes out chimney this is the 1-1/2 pint size at 2 mi. hot at 3-3/4 min hard boil boy there is not much this stove cant do love it

2006-02-05, 00:49

found some of these for sale on ebay for $12.00 each.

Search for item number: 8727985909

Specs for it:Compact camp or pack stove.

Operates on standard butane cylinder, the type that refills lighters and such.

One 70 gram cylinder will fill the stove 5-6 times, with each fill operating the stove for approximately 30 minutes.

The stove sets low which makes it very stable and is rated for up to a 10" pan or pot.

It has push button ignition or can be started with a match or lighter.

The burner is ceramic, and the body is a durable coated steel.

It took 10 minutes to bring 3.5 quarts of cold tap water to a boil in a 8" stainless steel pot.

Weighs in at 578 grams dry. It measures 5.5" in diameter X 2.25" tallest point.

This is a manufacturers liquidation and will not be found anywhere cheaper.

To be able to sell at this price, I can not tell you the Major retailers name nor can I sell them in retail packaging. They will come in a plain brown box with instructions included. This also accounts for my poor quality picture, sorry. I could not use ad slicks and their professionally done photos.