View Full Version : First Time Section Hike

2006-01-13, 11:04
I'm planning a hike from Amicola Falls to Neals Gap in June to see if the AT is something I really want to do when I retire. My thought is that if and when I actually start a thru hike, I will be familiar this part of the trail and the mental aspect will be easier. Thoughts? Would another section be a wiser choice for someone with little backpacking experience?


2006-01-13, 11:57
I would go North to South. The approach trail is tough going North and not a fun way to start. Going South you go over Blood Mountain to start and the rest is very nice. My other choice would be to start at Devils Fork Gap and hike back to Hot Springs, NC. It is a nice section -- the outfitter can shuttle you (park at the police station) and you can hit the hot springs when you are done. :elefant:

2006-01-15, 18:34
Thanks for your input! I've heard Hot Springs is not to be missed.