View Full Version : Four Food Groups

2003-01-16, 19:28
The four food groups that any good hiker should be aware of:

1. Mushy Noddles
2. Vitamin I
3. Chocolate
4. Any food that is Yogi-ed

Although most hikers do not get every food group each day at the start of their hike, do not despare. You will get very good at looking pathetic enough to get you the last food group on a regular basis. This will make up for the lack of it in the beginning. You will find that families out for a picnic are good marks.

Bandana Man
2003-01-16, 22:38
Is vitamin I slang for ibuprofen?

Oops never mind. Should have looked under "V" before posting.
My bad.

2003-01-17, 09:09
Since when is beer not considered one of the basic 4 food groups?

2003-01-17, 10:05
Beer is the foundation on which the food pyramid is built, therefore it is simply assumed...:p

2003-01-17, 10:11
Its in the beverage group.

SGT Rock
2003-01-17, 10:14
I thought the four food groups were these:

1. Dried Food Group.

2. Snickers food group.

3. Town food group.

4. Beer food group.