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2003-01-16, 19:44
Ok all of you with non hiking spouses or support people.....get them in here. lol I'm feeling kinda lonely on this issue. :D

Seriously, I'd like to see this as a place inside all this hiking jargon that those of us who support you have to discuss our techniques for dealing with alone time while you're out there on the trail. Also other issues within this regard.

I know its not easy to convince non-hikers to join a hiking forum, it has taken SGT Rock starting this one for him to get me involved. However, I think this could be a good place to share ideas.

Anyway, its just a thought. :D

2003-01-16, 21:16
I was just starting to like the puppy.:(

SGT Rock
2003-01-16, 21:23
For the record I hate this one too.:p

2003-01-17, 08:43
Originally posted by SGT Rock
For the record I hate this one too.:p

Could you possibly behave? Oh what am I saying? I know you can't. lol