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2006-01-27, 11:18
Okay ive read other peoples journals and seen the photos of there trips and all i can say is "IM JEALOUS" There ive said it now you guys/ladies have the best scenery,the best trail and what looks to the best weather and that includes Canada, i would love to paddle a canoe down some of them rivers.with all that around me it would be hard work holding down a full time job how do you restrain yourselves????????? :biggrin:

2006-01-27, 14:43
1. Lure the spouse into going, and bend over backwards if they are skeptical
to give them a good time. Take the family, the kids, the dog, whatever
you have to. This will work at least once. And often only once.

2. Used sparingly, and with some skill in acting, the invented death of
a relative is usually good for a 2 week trip.

3. Convince your spouse that your work schedule just cannot coincide
vacation time with his/her time off, and so to fend off boredom during your
own vacation time, you decided to do some hiking.

4. Join a "stress therapy" group. Get a note that says something to the
effect of: "hiking and canoeing in the outdoors should help reduce his
current stress levels". Give this note to your wife and try to sound
convincing. You can pull off a few weekend trips strategically timed
throughout the year.

5. Use the phrase "once in a lifetime, opportunity". Make your trip
sound more epic, and it will be harder for your spouse to complain
against you going. Use sparingly every 2-3 years.

6. The term 'marital problems' is a tactical super weapon when
properly timed and executed to your boss. Even the most heartless
corporate types will be easier to ply when you ask for extended vacation
using this. Nobody wants to assume any responsibility for potentially
ending your marriage. You can have the best marriage in the world...
just never let your employer know it.

7. Family medical issues buy you a few mondays or fridays in a given
year. A weekend trip becomes a fast and light 3 day. And as I call them:
"Tactical Long weekends" are executed by extending a stat holiday weekend
by another day.

Hope that helps ;) ... and if you have any new ones out there.
I'd love to hear them. :biggrin:

2006-01-27, 15:01
"T" you are the man. Great stuff!

2006-01-27, 21:58
Turk, great tips, heres a couple more;

If a male has a female boss, he can always use the "male health issue" in order to get an easy "out" for any given day of the week. No female boss is going to want to know what the heck is going on in your pants...(walk/waddle around the office for a bit, wince, maybe stop to let things "settle" down, cry out from the restroom, stand with both hands steadying yourself and I guarantee she ain't going to want to know anything more, "maybe you should go see someone, Bob...")

Another ploy is to carry a baggie of split pea and ham soup in your pocket. Keep it close to your body to warm it up a bit, then, pour it on the floor of the lunch room, and a bit down your shirt. Your co-workers will surely demand that you go home, now, and do not return for many days, "take care of yourself".

To get relieved from your homestead, you can always be a real "a-hole" around the home for a week or so, bad enough that your better half will demand that you go.

It's all in the planning! :biggrin:

2006-01-27, 23:29
To get relieved from your homestead, you can always be a real "a-hole" around the home for a week or so, bad enough that your better half will demand that you go.

It's all in the planning! :biggrin:

This one usually works for SGT Rock. :elefant:

2006-01-28, 07:21
I dont have any probs gettin away its just there are not many places to go that are as cool as where you lot are. But i do like some of those excuses :biggrin: dont know about the pea and ham soup, i tried baby food once to get me out of a geography class when i was at school it smelt so bad i was nearly sick for real. The real problem is that to get to the good places to be free to camp out you have to travel up to Scotland which is an expensive trip, well worth it mind just not practible every weekend. :thumpdown

2006-02-25, 13:57
LOL! Hikers can be such a devious lot.