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Hog On Ice
2003-01-16, 19:46
a Blowdown is a tree, branch, or shrub that has fallen so as to interfere with hiking on the trail. Also known as deadfalls since the typical blowdown is a dead tree. Blowdowns are catagorized into several classes: new water bars (aka flat on trail or FOTs), step overs, high step overs, straddles, high straddles, sitdowners, head bangers, duck unders, low duck unders, swing unders, flop overs, walk arounds, climb overs, duck walk unders and the worst of the worst the crawl unders with the sub grouping of crawl under on rocks and through mud as being refinements of the classification. In winter hiking there is the additional class of blowdowns which are snow hiders - they hide under the snow to catch your snowsnow and trip you up. When reporting blowdowns to trail maintainers in addition to the general classification the size of the biggest cut needed to remove the blowdown and a very good idea where to find the blowdown. Otherwise the trail maintainers will just look at you shake their head and wonder if you are a thru-hiker since thru-hikers rarely know where anything is unless it is on their back or eatable/drinkable.