View Full Version : Update from Fort Hood

SGT Rock
2006-01-29, 11:11
Greetings from central Texas,

Right now I am down here at North Fort Hood preparing for deployment to Iraq. I have found out more of what we are going to be doing and slowly we are getting our pre-mobilization tasks complete and our new equipment issued.

It looks like I will be going with my Division SPTT team to FOB Justice which is only a couple miles northwest of my last sector inside baghdad. From the briefing we just got from a current SPTT Division Commander it looks like living conditions for the soldiers are 1000% better than on my last tour.

We have hit lots of ranges and still have a few more to go as well as some equipment training such as Falcon View and some common task stuff like the new CLS stuff and combatives, but the teams are all motivated and everyone is taking all training seriously.

As for equipment, well we are getting it slowly. The only complaint I have is the ACU issue. I only came with two uniforms 3 weeks ago expecting to get the new uniforms on day 3 of training, but we still don't have them. It wouldn't be as big an issue if we weren't laying in mud on machinegun ranges and such - but that is just the way it is. No Sniveling.

Anyway, I had a few hours free and needed to get some laundry done, so I figured I would post an update of what I am doing. Dixicritter continues to do a great job keeping things running on the site and at home while I am gone. Today I even got a movie in my e-mail of the Grandson's first steps!

Keep the faith, and see you on the high ground!