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2006-02-01, 21:53
I have a Brunton Optimus Nova stove and would like to have a las lantern that will attach to a standard liquid gas tank. I like having a lantern when I'm out but I don't want to have a dedicated setup. It would be nice to use the same tanks for both the stove and the lantern. Does anyone know of where I can get one or instructions to make one.

2006-02-01, 22:42
Coleman made at one time a potstand that fit on top of their white gas lanterns to be used as a means of heating H2O or whatever u wanted.

This is just some food for thought, something for the future :biggrin:

I've got somthin on the back burner thats related to your idea, maybe I'll bring it forward, na just kiddin, don't have for that one yet!!!!

Hope we can come up with a solution for you.

2006-02-02, 00:04
JaketheSnake, great idea. I also have the same Brunton stove. That would be really cool, the ability to hook up to a lantern body only. I never thought of that. Hmmm, maybe a late winter project.

2006-02-02, 02:31
Yep got one heres what they look like goes on top of Lentern got it off e bay


2006-03-09, 21:29
Take a look at these stoves and lanterns.

Maybe there are some similar ones in the usa.

http://www.towsure.com/default.asp?t=6315 (http://)

2006-03-10, 04:42

Fixed link - not sure why, but when you leave the http:// on the links they don't work.