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2006-02-04, 12:00
I really screwed up. Ya' know, I started posting here just over a year ago. I made contact with another person on this site who shared similar interests as mine. We emailed back and forth a bunch of times, met, shared stories and generally started a good friendship. It is strange to meet someone in this format. Both show up carrying books, photos, maps, stoves, .... We were both able to discuss very common topics and interests. Sort of like looking into a mirror. (Except I am much more good looking, but you understand.) Visit your new friends home, and out comes the hiking gear. Both of you sit and discuss some possible hikes you both want to do, maybe take on a hike or two together.

Here is the problem. As the year progressed, we both tried to find a weekend where we could take off for the hills. Maybe a quick overnighter, or maybe a two or three day trek. Didn't Happen. "Ive got to help someone move this weekend." " Can't do it, doing some overtime..." " Sorry, we are going to be out of town that weekend..." "No way, hunting season..." You get my point.

The PERSON I am talking about in this case is JimTanker. JimTanker has recently been uprooted from his job/temp home here in the Pacific Northwest, to another locale. Military life. I do not know that life. He does.

The purpose of this letter is to encourage you all to slow down and plan better. It is all in the planning. You can make room for a lot of trips with a good plan. I had ample time to get out and do a hike or two with this great person. I didn't. I did not think ahead well enough, plan well enough. I did not make it happen. There are 52 weekends this year. With good planning, you can make a lot of things happen. I know. About ten year ago {B.K. (before kids)}, I sat down with a good friend, we brought out the calendar, and planned 25 things we wanted to do that year. Hikes, hunts, fishing trips. You name it, we did it. Very busy year. Way too much. But, you know what? It was awesome! We both look back at that year and smile, remember the great times. We still go out and do a few hunts each year, fishing, etc..., but not like before.

I currently do get out and do a bunch, with my family. Ask JimTanker, he knows, he has seen. But my error was to not include him quickly enough into my plan. It never dawned on me that he could move away. I thought I had lots of time....

I have extended the invite to JImTanker that the next time he gets out in this neck of the woods......you know.....

JimTanker has served our country for many years. He is a hero. He is a tough son of a bitch. I personally owe him a thank you for his service. JimTanker, Thank you!

The next time I meet someone with similiar interests like ours, I intend to slow down, and plan better. Next time I will make it happen! I will learn from this mistake.

Can one of you hiking nuts out East be sure to hook up with JimTanker, and plan a hike or two, for me? I screwed up, and didn't make it happen. Thanks.

2006-02-04, 22:11
Thanks Iceman.

And Hi from near Yuma, Az.

2006-02-06, 22:49
Sargeant Rock once asked if he was wasting his time with this site. I think you guys answered that question big time.