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2006-02-16, 01:56
Was just in Iceman's thread about his excursion last weekend and wondered if he was getting the weather like Montana. Blizzards all around and temperatures that are supposed to drop to -30F here (-38F in Butte) tonight and continue through the weekend.
The weather patterns around here have seemed odd for the last 20 or so years. It's warmer overall in both the winter and summer than it used to be Except for the occasions in the winter when we get an extreme cold snap (like today). And we seem to get either flooding or drought in the spring and summer, not the normal amount rainfall.
Anyone else experiencing climate changes?

--I am also feeling really bad about the new calves which are being born this week (and the neighbors newly shorn sheep). The ranchers keep moving the dates up, and this is what happens. They are going to be vey lucky if they don't lose a lot of animals.

2006-02-16, 12:16
i've been south since i turned 18 and left home for college, aside from a few years away in the army... but i love the heat... but everywhere i've been, people are telling me it's never been so hot down here... even my old barber, who grew up without a/c, mentioned that he doesn't ever remember summers where the temps stayed in the high 90s for months on end... sure it was hot, humid, and steamy... but in the high 80s/low 90s... now it's brutal.. i think our low temp this winter was about 20, once... it hasn't snowed in forever, and the last white christmas was in 1992, i'm told... so yeah, our weather's weird...

back in my home state of new york, my parents say it's about normal... though this particular winter has been weird... lots of highs and lows, less 'average'...

i'd lke it to freeze rock solid for about a week, to kill all the damned fleas, ticks, gnats, and mosquitos... then it can get warm again... (but not so hard a frost that my 6" deep water pipes freeze... god, what a climate... at home, they're buried 3'-4' deep, or more...)

2006-02-18, 22:25
Seeker: I spent the winter down there in 1990-1991 during Desert Storm (Ft. Polk). I remember how weird it was to be winter and yet so warm. I think we had a dusting of snow once. I actually missed the cold . . .

dropkick: Our weather in Cincinnati has been strange this year, too. It's been above freezing for about a month. Thursday we had temps in the 60's. Tonight it is supposed to be 5 degrees. It hasn't been widely publicized (and I'm not entirely sure it's accurate), but there is supposed to be an El Nino in the Pacific this year. Wonder if that has something to do with the weather?

2006-02-20, 04:01
Here in Des Moines, January was the second warmest on record with the state of Iowa on the whole, the warmest on record. We are just pulling out of a cold snap, down to about -10F with about 1 inch of snow. I have been forecasting the weather since the mid 1970s, it is indeed getting stranger. Global warming is kicking in, five to eight years ago, that statement was suspect, not so much anymore. The bigger question is whether man is driving it, or whether its cyclical or combo. High Lat ice is melting fast...not a good sign.

2006-02-20, 12:59
Out West we have had a cold spell lately with considerable wind. (Cold for Washington is "below freezing".) Our state is split in half by the Cascade Range. The Western half recieves mild winters, usually not much snow below 1000' elev. Althought our higher elevations can get hammered with snow. The Eastern half of the state is a more arid environment, far less rain, lot's colder. I just returned from a quick coyote hunt in Eastern WA, where the daytime temp was 22F, at night about 5F. Had to break out my camo mitts and face cover due to the wind. Brrrrrr.

2006-03-14, 01:26
OK, spent Saturday night (March 11th, 2006) near Mt. St. Helens at 3500feet. Five feet of snow, low of only 20degrees. Saturday eve was calm, no wind, mid twenties, partial clouds, with a near full moon showing, then light snow flakes a falling...not much accumulation. Sunday Am was absolutely georgeous, calm, sunny, had to break out the sunglasses during breakfast. Kids had fun sledding as I cooked breakfast. Wife kicked back and enjoyed the sun...Fun was had by all!

The last pic is the start of a really cool private Luge track I plowed in with my 36" snowshoes for the kids, very cool....

And yes, those are fireworks in one of the pics, so sue me!

2006-03-14, 06:38
Wow, Iceman, another great set of pics! Super sunny too!

Are those fireworks or is it Mount St Helens going up again? :smile:

Weather here: today, about 43 degrees F when I took the dog out...with a bit of hail!

2006-03-14, 13:23
Here in the Balimore area it hit 84 yesterday its about 59 now but still the wind is gusting big time!! Great hiking weather though!

2006-03-19, 11:25
In Texas its great weather as usual - actually it's coming down in buckets at the moment. The point is it's warm. I spent four days in the backcountry in the Grand Canyon, driving through a winter storm to arrive in knee-high snow and camping on the rim the first night in temperatures where the wind chill was a killer. As soon as we dropped below the rim, the temperatures jumped. By the time we hit Indian Gardens the layers had dropped to two, and when we reached Bright Angel camp I was wishing I had brought my Squall 2 tarptent instead of the REI Roadster which had braved conditions on top. Coming back up the snow had changed to ice, and unbelieveably, there was a hispanic church group with kids of about 8 to 12-years-old SLIDDING down the trail ion the ice to One Mile resthouse - no crampons, no nothing. An adult with them admitted conditions were dangerous but that didn't stop them taking chances with their lives.

2006-03-20, 00:14
I've read about the temperature difference between the rim and the floor, it can be extreme. I've always wanted to visit the canyon, but I'm a weanie when it comes to heights. I would probably have problems even going down one of the trails. Do you think people would make fun of me if I scooted down on my butt?

-I'm actually o.k. if I can grip something with my hands, I can climb cliffs, trees, ladders, etc. but I can't stand on the edge of a roof. Feels like it's trying to pull me over.

I sometimes think (especially in this country) that we worry to much about safety. We try to regulate and protect ourselves too much. Chance is part of truly living.
(um .....as long as it's not scarey .....like heights) :embarasse

2006-03-20, 09:15

i agree... we did all sorts of "dangerous" stuff as kids, and lived... but i also agree with you about heights... i can jump out of airplanes no problem (higher is easier for me)... but the apparatus(es?) at airborne school terrified me... as do ladders, and standing on the edges of roofs... trees are no problem, since i can hang on... cliffs are a no go, but rappelling is fine.