View Full Version : Recycled Water Containers

2006-02-17, 00:02

Had the thought of using this type of recycled container to carry my water. When it's empty I would dry it out and use some of it as a firestarter to make a small twig fire for my next dinners water boil. Keep using as firestarter until it's used up (not the plastic part)

Won't have to carry it back home, made from renewable sources :)

What's your thoughts on this one?

2006-02-17, 00:55
I've been using waxed cardboard milk and 1/2 & 1/2 boxes for years as ice/water containers.
I freeze the water and use it in my cooler to keep any perishables cold, and drink the water as it melts. - When hiking cooler is a paper bag inside a plastic bag then insulated/wrapped with clothing.

I never had the plastic spout type of box untill this last year, I always just folded the top over and kept it upright (occasionally I would secure it with string or a rubber band).

I've actually been dreading the new boxes, as now I will have to rip out the plastic and pack it away, where before I just burnt the whole thing. It isn't really that big of a deal, but I always seem to end up packing out other people's trash and so try to avoid having much of my own.... Oh well.

2006-02-17, 01:04
Oops... meant to tell you. The boxes are good for starting a fire once you have them lit but can be very difficult to get started.
Might want to try them out first.
I always used them as an addition to my tinder, not as tinder alone.