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2006-02-17, 01:31
Got another of my bargains, this time I found an old Coleman dual mantle pressurized lantern for $3.00. It holds pressure and seems in fair shape.My problem is that I'm not sure about my fuel choices. It doesn't have any type of model number or instructions on it that I could find.

Almost positive it's not a kerosene, but is it a dual fuel, straight Coleman's fuel, or gas?

Does anyone know how to tell the difference?

2006-02-17, 02:04
DropKick, I have a bunch of these for around hunting camp, some new, some really old. All burn white gas (coleman type fuel). I have run unleaded gas in one once, a little smelly and ran a bit different. From what I understood, the newer ones have a different fuel atomizer bar. Not sure if it runs the fuel cooler, or hotter... I have also run plain ol' 87 octane unleaded in a 25 year old coleman stove without incident, other than the stink. I would imagine the coleman fuel is simply a more refined gas. Spendy lately, have you seen the price on a gallon of Coleman fuel, look out! Try a cup of unleaded and see what it does for (to) you.

There are a few of the coleman kerosene lanterns around, but I have no experience with them.

Good luck, it was nice knowing you.

2006-02-17, 08:10
Coleman Fuel (Calumet Lantern Fuel )
Coleman fuel contains about 50% naphtha, 50% aliphatic petroleum distillates, 2% xylene, 2% toluene, 0.5% benzene, green dye and rust inhibitors (to help prevent rusting of internal parts and facilitate long shelf life). The carbon number range is C5 to C9 with a boiling point range of 100-350 F. Coleman Fuel contains up to 25% n-hexane and up to 15% cyclohexane by weight and it is fully hydrotreated to remove aromatics, (reported to contain less than 0.001% benzene).

Xylene, Toulene and Benzene are some pretty bad chemicals to both body and environment.

2006-02-17, 21:59
Thank you.
Your post is "more better" than mine was. So I deleted it.
In this case less IS More.