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2006-02-17, 14:39
The thing about forums ...
Don't you HATE big forums that give bad advice from a completely
ignorant and unqualified source?! This is getting to be a thing for me.
When trying to learn about something or get information on a product,
I invariably start by trolling the internet looking for a decent review from
a credible source. This is always a huge pain in the butt.
Especially when it comes to hiking/outdoor gear. Don't you hate
consumer based, hyped to the gills, blatently "purchase positive!"
gear reviews. I frigin hate those. Some shmuck weekend urban warrior
generation-X "EXTREME SPORTS" dude gets a few bucks thrown at him
to post up a wonderful "this is the best piece of gear I ever owned" crap
review that is otherwise completely uninformative. ya....
"I walked 10 billion miles in these boots before getting a scuff mark"
".. and at a mere 16lbs, you'll barely notice the extra weight in your pack"
(absolute worst wall-of-shame gear review sites .. imho)

But the funny thing is ... the only thing worse that these gear review
sites are the forums that follow them. I HATE big forum groups.
Personal theory ... follow me on this logic. Its all ratios right. For any
given group of people there are a given number of idiots. Increase the
group of people and invariably increase your number of house idiots.
Big forums work just like that. The kicker is, murphy ensures us that
ONLY these idiots are active on the forums, ruining just about any
decent question or thread running. For example: A few months back
I knew absolute squat about alcohol stoves. I've never seen a commercial
model for sale, or knew anyone that ever used one. If I had gone on
a big commercial forum the conversation would look something like this:

"Turk - Anyone help a newbie with ultralight stove purchase?


IdIOTKid4321 - ya man is da shiiiza.

Quietguy_that_never - I recommend looking at Alcohol burning stoves
logs_on_or_follows_up Turk. They are about the lightest you can go

DuMB$#!_24 - NO way, MSR make only good stove you cna buy. "

And that about sums up every question asked in a big commercial

Anyways, once again. Glad to be here. If it wasn't for this place I
never would have found places like backpacking light, or whiteblazes
or Thru Hiker. You give good advice to newbies and are totally
supportive of experimenting and homemade gear and concepts. I
personally TRUST the gear and advice I get here, which is saying a
heck of alot. Likewise I have the upmost admiration for you guys that
have made little businesses out of your areas of expertise. I hate
consumer marketing. JRB quilts, Maccat tarps, Ion Stoves ... I love
how you guys market your products.
"We wanted to make a product lighter/higher quality/innovation/etc etc
that did not otherwise exist"

"Here is our product. This is what it costs. No gimmicks.
This is what my product is made out of. This is how much it weighs REALLY"
If you have any problem you can actually speak to ME ... the person that made it."
Wow... thats rare ... and awesome.

2006-02-17, 15:32
I agree with you turk my first stove was 30 some years ago it is a jiffy heat alcohol stove at a lawn sale for 50 cent since then i got 3 more on e bay payed hi for them first home made alcohol stove was a penny stove real easy but not all that good .There is a guy on e bay that makes a Pepsi stove saying his is the best not so the best ones i think is the ones that you can make your self now when i get a good one to work i post it here so other people can try it. I buy a lot from minibulldesign this is not a review for him just to me he is the best plus i buy all kinds of alcohol stove on e bay they been around a lot longer then the Pepsi ones and work just as good or better

2006-02-17, 15:38
well, murphy has his place in statistics, but i reach for my common sense most times... if something sounds too good, there's no 'probably' about it... it IS too good to be true... on the off chance that you're wrong, it's ok to change your mind later... 'be neither the first nor last to adopt new ideas'... forgot who said it, but it makes sense... don't jump in first, but don't be stubborn just because you want to be...

WhiteBlaze is a pretty good forum... i find that there are about a half dozen people's opinions i don't need, and have blocked them. the first indicator is if they are rude or sarcastic in their first couple posts.... if it happens again, i block them... no sense in it... but the rest of the folks there are pretty sincere, and even if i disagree, at least we do it respectfully... i tend to watch posters for awhile first, to see what they have to contribute, how they treat others, and how well their alleged experience matches what they say and what their profile reads... sad to say, but age is a factor as well... for example, guys who claim sleeping on the ground on a foam pad is no more comfortable than sleeping in a shelter (shelter floor is harder, IMHO) or some other such nonsense, HAVE to be either young (good backs and knees) or crazy... i check, and then decide.

backpackgeartest.com is a great site too... only one jerk there, but he's unfortunately in the site's 'management' group. he was very rude to a new poster (me) with little web page experience asking an innocent question, so i didn't follow through with my attempt at membership... that's ok... saved me a lot of trouble, and you guys know what gear i use and how i feel about it.