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2006-02-21, 02:29
I know people have done this before, so I thought I'd ask;
Does this work and what are the drawbacks?
I was thinking that I would enclose my hammock with a sleeping bag.
I could hold the open end of the bag against the bottom of the hammock with either big paper clips or clothes pins. and close off the gap in the top (if needed) with a small blanket.
Any hints, clues, problems?

2006-02-21, 12:32
It wil kind of work if you have either a small hammock like a GI sized one or a huge sleeping bag.
Or you could bulldog clip the completely unzipped sleeping bag to the bottom of your hammock.

Just Jeff
2006-02-21, 12:51
It depends on how big your bag is and where the zipper is. Otherwise, you'll have to make some minor modifications. It probably won't be long enough to cover the whole hammock.

One thing that's pretty easy to do is cut a 6-8" strip right in the middle of foot end of the mummy bag and sew some elastic trim to it. Then you can slide it all the way to where you need it on the hammock (so it covers your shoulders) instead of having it cover the whole hammock. Then just stuff something in the whole to plug it at night.

The other challenge is snugging the head end to the hammock. I had to sew a loop to either side of the head end, right at the bottom of the hood, then run a line from those loops to the hammock support. Snugged up the hood and it worked ok.

It's a bit too constricting to get on the diagonal, but you might be able to compensate for that with a bigger bag or a smaller body (let me know if you find one of those).

Some pics near the bottom of the page:

Hope this helps - be sure to post pics if you do it!