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2006-02-21, 11:55
Hey folks,
to anyone in Northern Ohio, Lower Michigan, and SW Ontario,
This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 24th,25th,26th is the
"Advil Outdoor Adventure Show" in Mississauga ON. (Greater Toronto)
This is pretty much our biggest hiking/camping/cycling/kayaking/canoe
expo in the country. Awesome gear laid out to see and try and buy.
All the big names, tonnes of the rare stuff, and loads of events and
films going on all weekend. 2 theatres show films all weekend. Banf
Mountain Film fest, Les Stroud from OLN's Survivor man is there, huge
wave pool with whitewater rafting rides, kayak lessons and demos,
scuba diving tanks, rock climbing wall, etc etc. - all free once you
are in the door.

There are some pretty awesome deals on gear there. Especially for the
stuff difficult to find outside of E-bay.

10 bucks to get in. Highly!! recommend checking it out if it is within a
reasonable travel distance for you. If there is some specific gear you
are looking to purchase this year, I very much recommend going
Sunday, as in the past alot of the vendors liquidate demo gear from
the show at awesome prices. A buddy of mine got a Granite Gear
Vapor Trail for $50 cash and carry last year. Waited until the
last 2 hrs before the show closed. And general prices throughout the
weekend are still pretty awesome compared to outfitters or
E-bay "buy it nows". Anyways its pretty spectacular. Fun for the fam.
And definately worth making some purchases. I'll definately be there
barring divine intervention, or personal nucular strike.

Full details here:

2006-02-26, 14:08
Well, Just got back from my weekend at the show. It was .......
I had the time of my life. Allow me to summarize briefly. It was so
awesome and I had such an amazing time, way too much happend to
mention in just one post. So here are the highlights of my weekend.

1. Arrived at the show hour and a half early. opps. But I ran into (literally)..
Les Stroud from OLN's survivor man. He was carrying in alot of gear and
equipment for his afternoon presentation. I wasn't watching where I was
going (was checking out this kevlar canoe and bumped into him.) He
apologized and I laughed at that, and apologized back. Then the
people beside me freaked out when they recognized him, and then
laughed at me again for almost tripping "survivor man".

2. The show had some major disappointments. Mainly for me it was the
whitewater kayak section. I am trying to get into a very "niche" form of
expedition kayaking and there weren't any experts that I could hound for
advice or tips. In fact there wasn't a single specific "creeking kayak"
at the show. The wave pool for trying out kayaks was too small and
crowded most of the day. But pricing was outstanding. There were some
awesome discontinued model and end of year deals to be had.

3. I met and chatted with the guy that invented the Vargo Alcohol stove.
I apologize profusely for not remembering his name. But it was a very
funny incident. I am at the booth, and I am checking out the full line of
new Vargo stoves and cookware. This guy comes over to me (much like
the annoying slick salesman). He asks me what I think of the products.
I was mildly annoyed since much of the booths at the show have high
pressure sales tactics, and I thought this guy was the same. Well I
laid it right out to him that I recently got a vargo alcohol stove and I
told him I really liked it and thought it was very practical and easy to
use but had some shoddy construction concerns ... which I then proceeded
to pick up a stove and show him a bent leg stand, and some bad TI welds.
He thanked me for my honestly and then proceeded to introduce himself
as the inventor and designer behind vargo stoves and cookware.
I think I turned several shades of red :biggrin: . With nothing left to do
I simply shook his hand. He laughed and we ended up chatting for
almost an hour about anything and everything. I told him what I wanted
in a "dream" piece of cookware. Mainly being an idea I had for the perfect
UL pot construction geared towards wood-fire cooking, with alcohol stove
cooking as backup for bad weather/ light enviro impact. He honestly
listened to my ideas and made positive comments. I jokingly told him,
he should design my pot as part of his 2007 gear. Who knows? I hope
he didn't think I was a jerk. It would be so awesome if he actually
DID design that pot and sold it under the Vargo name. So ya ... I am
kicking myself for not remembering his name. He was awesome, great
conversation. And I bought some vargo stuff before I left.

4. DEALS DEALS DEALS. I made out like a bandit! They had insane
deals on Go-lite packs. They were selling Gusts for 40 bucks CAN. Cash
and carry. no tax! The gust was way more volume than I needed. But I
picked up 2 Golite "Jam" packs for a total of $50.00 cash and carry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so awesome. The people running this booth were old hippies and
they were also hammockers. I bought an Eagle Nest parachute
hammock with a really cool 25ft "no tie" webbing suspension system.
Basically really really long treehuggers with permanent loops. They wrap
around the tree and you carabine the hammock to the appropriate loop.
Will try this system out today in the back yard.

5. I got 2nd row seats to Les Stroud's presentation. It was totally cool.
He was very laid back, easy going and not for one second full of himself.
He played some songs with his band. He showed some never before seen
footage of his new television series coming out. He gave alot of info
on the future of survivor man and his other shows with OLN. He had this
awesome open forum question and answer period, where he casually talked
about anything and everything you might be interested in.
I also won some gear in a prize give away by answering some trivia
questions, he had at the end of show. I got a columbia fleece, a sub to "Explore" magazine, a Salomon touque and the Survivor man first season
box set.

So ya ... it was awesome.

2006-02-26, 14:19
Wow--sounds like you had a great time!

Funny stories, thanks for sharing.