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2006-02-23, 18:03
my 68#, 4'-8", 11-year old daughter needs a new pack. actually, i need her to have a pack, because i'm tired of carrying her stuff. i need it small enough to fit her, light enough (under 1.5lbs preferred, for obvious reasons), and probably about 1100 cu.inches (roughly 16 x 11 x 6). she can carry about 10 lbs total, which would be her sleeping bag, foam pad, clothing, hammock, bottle of water, toiletries, micro-maglight, and any other junk she wants to carry (doll, book, pillow, etc... it's unbelievable the stuff she wants to bring. she's learning to get lighter though, and this should help)... i don't mind carrying a stove/food. but it's getting old carrying the other stuff just because her little jansport bag is too small.

am i in the ballpark cube-wise? i don't want one of the external frame youth packs, as they're too heavy to start with (i use a gust myself). i've looked around the net and can't really find anything. jansport makes a bunch, but we have no stores nearby that i could visit to see them. there's a german company that i've forgotten the name of (begins with a G maybe?) that seems like it would be ok, but can't find any decent reviews for it.

ok, all that said, who's got a recommendation for a kids' pack they've used and liked?

i guess the corollary to that is, "and do you have one for sale you want to get rid of, or know where i can find one?"

thanks all, in advance, for your responses.

2006-02-23, 18:09
ok, i think the brand i looked at was Deuter... they seem to make mostly child carriers, but have a few kids' packs.

Just Jeff
2006-02-23, 19:01
Deuter Fox 30 (1800 ci, 2 lbs 7 oz)
Kelty Jr Tioga (2050 ci, 3 lbs 3 oz).
Outdoor Products Dragonfly (2780 ci, 3 lbs 10 oz)

Ron Bell of Mountain Laurel Designs posted on this BPL thread that he plans to have a kids line out by Spring 06. It should be "scaled down versions of the Prophet 30, Superlight Bivy and Devotion bag" that weigh a total of a pound or less. 'Bout time someone did it!

2006-02-23, 23:18
yeah, the Deuter Fox... that was the one i'd heard about... too heavy though, as is the kelty jr tioga... i wouldn't carry it... wouldn't expect my kid to... just want a small sack with straps, like my gust...

ok, i'll keep my eyes peeled for the Mountain Laurel stuff... might even try to find a small golite breeze, and then sew the straps myself, to fit...

thanks for the input.

2006-02-24, 02:12
How about this:
1.5 lbs
And only $20.00! (minus shipping)

Just thought should give you this link too (shows prices on this page)

Thought about getting the larger version myself.

2006-02-24, 05:39
still a little heavy, but i'll definitely check into it... thanks...

2006-02-26, 13:25

I would highly recommend Tatonka brand for very good quality to weight to
cost. At around 30$ US. and < 1.5lbs. I got one for my 3yr old daughter.
Granted it fits her now like a massive expedition pack, but I am confident
it will be good for her perhaps into early teens (providing she still wants
to hang out with old dad.) The specific models I would look at with your
specs in mind are the Baloo and Mogli model. I own both. Baloo for the
daughter, and Mogli for myself as a super-ultralight weekender pack.

2006-02-27, 00:39
thanks turk, i'll definitely look into that series too...

2006-02-27, 20:03
Both my daughters have a G Pack, and they both love them. They were about your daughters age when they got them- they have room for the girls to grow, AND for their loads, lol. They have the older models- and you can often find them for a pretty good price these days.

Hope that helps.