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2003-01-08, 06:04
and you sgt rock can come up with a cool t-shirt with this one

The Green Tunnel!

2003-01-08, 13:11
which you have above sounds like a good name, besides people will show up regardless of the name but Around the Campfire sounds good and has a ring to it.

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 13:18
Around the Campfire was/is my forum for my site, it is that cheapo EzBoard or whatever. I guess I could close it up and use the name, but I'm not too worried about the name. Heck, what about WhiteBlaze.net?;)

2003-01-08, 13:22
Whiteblaze.net is regestrered in my name. So we could still use it for the site name. But it is up to everyone else whether they want to keep that name or not. It might make things easier.

2003-01-08, 13:26
I Vote Whiteblaze so that the other members that we can't get a hold of will be able to find it easier.


SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 13:27
If Easy is going to do a WhiteBlaze.org, I don't want to get too confused - Battling WhiteBlazes LOL. Sounds like a North Georgia banjo tune.

2003-01-08, 13:36
I thought I heard you guys mention you wanted to be unique and come up with a new name ...........:D

You probably don't want to use whiteblaze.net since thats not unique. But you can do what you want you guys own that name compliments of me giving that high dollar name away for free.

I also own the domains below if your interested in purchasing any.


and about 30 others not related to hiking.

2003-01-08, 13:44
your right, in the furture I will be using WhiteBlaze.Org to start the old site back up with the old format so it might get confusing.

2003-01-08, 13:45
your right, in the furture I will be using WhiteBlaze.Org to start the old site back up with the old format so it might get confusing.

Also out of respect I do hope you come up with a new name. I was giving that name away under the stipulation that Troll was going to take the whole site over which never happened had I known how this was going to turn out I would have never gaven troll the Whiteblaze name nor forum license.

2003-01-08, 13:49
What happened to being unique. The easier softer way isn't always the best way.

Originally posted by attroll
Whiteblaze.net is regestrered in my name. So we could still use it for the site name. But it is up to everyone else whether they want to keep that name or not. It might make things easier.

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 13:51
I'll pay you for the forum license if you want, I don't want to cheat you. Maybe we could work something out like give us ATForum.net plus the site license and we give you $100 and a pair of cool sunglasses:cool:

2003-01-08, 14:03
I'll give you ATForum.net which is still listed in Google if you don't use Whiteblaze.net and transfer it back to me in *60 days*. I don't want money for the forum license, you still have to renew that license in September so save the cash for that.

I'll also throw in PseudoHiker.com ......... I had to buy that domain when Wingfoot had his Pseudo Hiker comment up and was going to use it fir a site.

*you have to wait 60 days from the last transfer before the domain can be transfered again.

2003-01-08, 14:05
For people that know me I'm an easy going, laid back guy and I usually just go with the flow. I think all of you guys care about the AT communuty so much an I applaude you for that, but you know the more I'm on here and the more I read between the Saga of Sarge, ATTroll, and Easy. I bet WF is just sitting back watching and laughing at us the more we talk about several AT Forums the more it make me think of Corporate America. I think someone or everyone needs to learn to get along with each other because all the AT comunity needs is a one stop where we can get awnsers and hang out with our other hiking pals. I Love the AT and that's what drove me to whiteblaze from TP the actual community and knowlege being shared.:mad: I think I can speak for everyone is that I don't and won't go to multiple sites to get my info. Sorry I'm feeling Frustrated I needed to vent

SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 14:09
I was kidding about ATForum, but maybe we could work something out. I'm actually about to try and leave again, so play nice with Troll (please, you sick SOB) and see if he is interested in a trade for the domains. ATForum is just as good as any to me. :eek:

Thaks Waterbuffol, sometimes I feel the same way.

p.s. I'm starting to think the smilies are making fun of me.

2003-01-08, 14:18
I don't think your speaking for everybody when you mention you or most only go to one site for their info. Alot of the members here particiapate in all different AT Communitys all over the internet. There will never be enough AT Forums, websites etc..... people like to cruise to different sites on the internet and if there were 20 active AT forums I can bet about 30 or 40% of the AT community would participate in all of them instead of just one.

I would rather not have Whiteblaze.net used and like the fact that Rock and Troll have built this site and its theirs and nothing of me shows here in the deisgn and function. I do wish them well with this site, if I didn't I would not have e-mailed all the old whiteblaze.net members this morning nor posted a redirect to this site.

2003-01-08, 14:39
Easy I do see your point I guess my frustration is I know there are few "just AT" forums out there that help me in the things that interest me. I found this on your site and I loved whiteblaze I couldn't wait until I could get into my office and read everything new every morning. I am frustrated that all that great information that was on your site is lost and will have to be rebuilt. I do understand that the other members to go to other sites and so do I and I will retract what I said since I was venting if you build another site I'd join it just because I'm an AT junkie and I can't get enough.

In addition I was actually pissed when WF shut down his site last year too.

2003-01-08, 14:55
Im sorry it turned out the way it did, we just had to many communication problems and I have a my way personality, one of the reasons im self-employed. I probably never would have been happy giving the site away and seeing new changes. So I think its great that Rock & Troll started this site on there own.

I'm not planning on starting a site soon atleast not till late fall.
My immediate concerns now are getting out of here in the next month or two to go hiking.

Thanks for saying you'd visit a new site if I built, I know most you would or will anyways. This isn't any sort of competition but when I do start a site again it will be called WhiteBlaze, I came up with the name and will continue to use it.

four fingers
2003-01-08, 16:25
I say no to using whiteblaze

2003-01-08, 17:21
how about calling it cellphones_onthetrail.com/screwyou/wingnut

2003-01-08, 19:24
Since everybody is exchanging all these ideas and info why not call it the AT Exchange??!! Erik

2003-01-08, 20:22
I liked that :D :D :D

2003-01-08, 21:36
Steve I like that Idea too!


2003-01-08, 23:46
i like that name, i certainly think we need to come up with our own name, i dont think itd be appropriate to use the same name.

2003-01-09, 03:47
After conservation with AT Troll on the phone about an hour ago 12:00 am central time> I have agreed to the transfer, that was in the works before. That means they (rock & troll ) have my blessings to use Whiteblaze.net as a name, and the old site is open for those to read the old messages and post them here on this new forum or not or whatever. I'm not sure I know what they are going to do with the old site but im sure it will be in the best interest of all. The photo gallery is avalible to view but I wouldn't upload photos on it till they decide what they are going to do. Troll is not sure whether they will keep the Whiteblaze name or not, all I know is that he still wanted the server space wich is being transfered to him. Anyway the old forum is avalible to view along with the photo gallery.

The next work I do for the AT will be on and along the trail, maybe i'll hook - up with Bob to put me to work.

Anyways give of your time to things you enjoy and the communitys surrounding them. You will reap rewards in self gratification more than you can believe.

2003-01-09, 17:20
Thank you everyone for all the suggestions. Since things worked out for the Whiteblaze.net site, I decided today to purchase Sgt Rock a license for this board software, so that his Around the Campfire board would be a better one. Hence the name change on the front page.

Whiteblaze is back up now, and thanks to Troll and Easy for getting that worked out while Rock is out there training. (Although I know he wishes he were on the trail instead...lol)

Everyone is welcome to stay and bring new friends, or whatever. :D


2003-01-09, 17:45
We love the new place Dixie, and thanks for buying Rock the license, im sure most will participate in both places ......... now do you have any friends ..........:D that would like air fare to Chicago to meet me:D

2003-01-09, 17:52
LOL....I'll let ya know on that Easy......;)

2003-01-09, 18:04
Originally posted by dixicritter
LOL....I'll let ya know on that Easy......;)

Well hurry up every woman wants a bad boy ........... LOL just kidding:D

2003-01-09, 18:08
Originally posted by Easy
Well hurry up every woman wants a bad boy ........... LOL just kidding:D

And you certainly qualify for that now don't you? LOL I'm teasing......ok well sort of :D

2003-01-09, 18:22
yup im the evil one as your husband probably puts it in the same sentence where I love that guy ......... LOL:D