View Full Version : Happy Birthday Turk

2006-03-03, 02:12
Here we replay Turk's birthday through the use of smilies:
:beerglass :dancing: :beer: :sheep: :cheers: :sleep: :coffee:

2006-03-03, 03:35
I would add :trytofly::banghead: between :cheers: and :sleep:
- Maybe then :girl::secruity: after :coffee:

But anyway :birthday: :birthday:

2006-03-03, 09:06
Sure, but how old is he in Canadian years? Aren't we supposed to add 32 and divide by five-ninths and down 4 Molsons or something like that? :dancing2:

The HotDog
2006-03-03, 11:52

2006-03-03, 12:15
Happy B-day dude. Get out in the woods on your B-day. I was in Las Vegas for mine last month. Whoooo Hooooooo!!!!

2006-03-03, 13:23
Happy B-day!!! :elefant: :elefant: :elefant: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :dancing2:

2006-03-03, 15:17
Happy Birthday Turk.

Hey I want everyone to know, us Americans can speak Canadian as well.

Good Goal, Eh

2006-03-03, 15:38
Hockey's easy, now we have to learn curling, too! Nice Gold :adore:

2006-03-03, 22:17
Here's hoping you got a new Escalade to carry all your new big boy toys!!!!!!

Cheers :elefant: :elefant: :elefant: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

2006-03-04, 12:03
thanks folks :) much appreciated.

Been working double shifts so I haven't done much but work and sleep.
In fact I better get sleeping before its time for work again.

Cheers mates.


2006-03-04, 23:29
Turk originally your smiley story was longer and better, but it wouldn't let me post it. Had to delete a bunch.
Got slightly out of order too. As with true life, the sheep should appear later in your evening.

admin note: the puke smiley doesn't work - you just get :puke: (the : p part of : puke : -spaces added)

2006-03-05, 16:15
Here's hoping you got a new Escalade to carry all your new big boy toys!!!!!!

That was funny :biggrin: Even if I was given an Escalade I couldn't
afford to drive it. Not with gas at $0.96 / litre. Well enough though
since most bush roads around home aren't wide enough for it anyways.
Nah ... I'll just have to keep my rediculous looking honda civic hbk,
loaded up like covered wagon with waaayyy too much camping gear and
kayak on top for such a little car.

Ah well, its not how you look getting there. Even playing field once you
hit the trail head. :biggrin:

2006-03-05, 21:06
I think I fixed it... Let's see...


Yep seems I did. Man I hate that one...LOL

Oh and Happy late birthday Turk!