View Full Version : I just wanted to share my new addiction

2006-03-06, 05:44
Sudoku. it's the new japanese puzzle game taking over the world.
You should check it out, here's the sites i use to play sudoku online (donít worry, it's free)
online Sudoku (http://www.sudokulive.net)

2006-03-06, 13:39
Just a reminder...

Places like the above link have a tendency to add "wonderful" software to your windows computer. I'm NOT stating that the link DOES add spyware or even nastier stuff, but it's a distinct possibility.

To lessen the amount of spyware and adware in your computing future, switch from internet explorer to mozilla firefox (http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/) and use it whenever you browse the internet.

Another thing to do is to regularly run some kind of anti-spyware software. Do not trust a website to do the work for you, download a program instead to run locally. Ad-Aware SE Personal is one, but there are others and i can't say which one is best (because i use mandriva linux on all my computers instead of windows).

Let's be careful out there, ok?