View Full Version : another busted experiment

2006-03-07, 23:05
Finally got around to trying to make gelled alcohol, it didn't gel.
As soon as I build up some more egg shells I'm going to try again, maybe I need to evaporate the solution longer.
Dang it, I can't blow up my experimental gel fuel stove yet. My eyebrows get to live another day.

(could buy the gelled alcohol, but somehow that just doesn't seem like the right thing to do)

2006-03-07, 23:17
nothing ventured nothing gained

Good try!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-03-08, 01:35
It's kind of complicated to hit the right proportions.
I have a saturated solution now and I'm (if I get the time) going to try and find an ethanol/solution ratio one of the next days or in the weekend.
For 200ml of 16% acetic acid I used 50ml (dang, should have weighed it) powdered chalk. I left the solution in a jar for a few days until a white salt structure began to form just above the level of the solution. The white salt is calciumacetate.

Ordinary vinegar is 5% to max 10% (the normal percentage is 5), this means that you get a huge amount of excess water.

The next time I try I'll use the full 32% acetic acid :captain: I dilluted it this time since the reaction of the 32% with the chalk was quite violent and smelly (the powdered chalk is waterfree and as it draws water it heats up, furthermore the reaction between the acetic acid and chalk releases a quite large amount of CO2 - Heat accelerates this process).

Calcium acetate is possible to acquire, since it has commercial purposes for food preservation, as chalk supplement in fodder and as medicine for people with to much phosphate in their blood.

2006-03-17, 07:42
45ml of powdered chalk + 100ml of 32% acetic acid + 100ml of water.
I left it to vaporize in a jar - When I had only solids left (had no time to experiment until it all had solidified) I scraped all the white solids into a alu-container. Left it to dry in the oven, I keept it well below 150C, since acetic acid splits at 160C.

Made a solution of 1 part by volume plus 2 parts of water.
1 part of solution by volume plus 4 parts of 96% alcohol will form a gel - Did it wrong the first time by adding solution to alcohol, this only gelled a minor part of the alcohol. Second try gelled it all when I added alcohol to the solution.

15ml (3ml calcium acetate solution+12 ml 96% alcohol) burns for app. 17min. in a tea candle cup.