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2006-03-10, 19:34

Produce an edible hard boiled egg using a homemade "tea candle stove"

To enter you must be willing to submit your method and stove to a non-participating judge.

Do not reply to this post until next week on Monday.

Think about it over the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have more info on Monday

Mutinousdoug inspired this challenge when he made a post indicating that the stove would not be able to hardboil an egg, I think it can be done!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:

I LIKE A CHALLENGE :elefant: :elefant: :elefant:

2006-03-10, 20:18
You mean a tea candle candle for fuel or a tea candle size burner

2006-03-10, 20:37
I don't think this is much of a challenge (I really hate to be such a downer). All it takes to hard boil an egg is to bring a pot of water to a boil with the egg in it, cover and let sit for 10 minutes. In other words, if you can bring a pot of water to a boil for 1 second, you have accomplished the task.

2006-03-11, 00:02
I don't think this is much of a challenge (I really hate to be such a downer). All it takes to hard boil an egg is to bring a pot of water to a boil with the egg in it, cover and let sit for 10 minutes. In other words, if you can bring a pot of water to a boil for 1 second, you have accomplished the task.

Thanks Deadeye, we'll let this one ride until Mutinous doug reads it. Now that you blew that one out of the water, come up with a challenge for us.

Ther ya go Doug the tc5 will handle the hardboiled egg for you :biggrin:

My wife said she boils em for ten min. thats why i thought it would be a good project. Oh well!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!! that took care of that challenge, that was a toughy :biggrin:

(oops tea candle size burner)

2006-03-11, 00:09
Well i am going to try it any way put 3 wicks in candle then when it boils put pot in a pot coozy but i think the egg should be room temp first i try both ways o i just mite stay up all night to try it see Incognito what you started
Well no good them 4 wick burn good at first got wax to hot it melted then the wicks float then put them self out to hot

2006-03-11, 09:41
Whew! I thought I might get drummed out for that, and I half expected to be challenged to counter-challenge - in fact I should have offered one first.

We've all tried a bunch of stoves - homemade or purchased - that can torch a pot of water to a boil, then flame out. I think the toughest thing to master with a homemade stove is controlling the flame and/or extending the burn time.

How 'bout making a pot of rice (the real thing, not minute rice)? In order to do that, you'd have to bring the water to a boil, then a controlled simmer for 15-20 minutes. That's more than I've ever been able to do with a cat can or pepsi can stove. Those same capabilities would be useful for all sorts of cooking - stewing small game, mac and cheese, etc.

Bonus points for no scorched food on the bottom of the pot!

2006-03-11, 10:11
Way to go Deadeye!!!!!!!!

The challenge is ON I'm gonna do brown rice :biggrin: (harder to tell if i burned it :confused: )

We're still talkin TC5 model right?

Two tablespoon rice? Pot of choice?

Fuel of choice? Any other parameters

Ooops, use the TC5 you made with pumice!!!!!!!!

I fired up the TC5 this morning, 1 cup water room temp withe one medium egg in it, brought it up to boil, simmered for 1/2 min,flame out,cozyed it for 10 min, out came a hard boiled egg.

Deadeye was dead-on. We know who wears the apron in his abode :rolleyes:

2006-03-11, 11:36
G#@^%&N crackpot Stovies.

All of you!!!

OK, Lets see you bake a potato!

2006-03-11, 16:08
And after you bake a potato (and not one of those shrimpy little organic ones, either).
Bake me a cookie.

2006-03-11, 16:16
Guys, guys!

Get our your cozies and have them ready. Boil the water in your pot of choice, add the food, OR start with the food in the cold water. Once the water with the food is boiling, keep it going for a minute or so. If you are nearly out of fuel, let it go until it runs out. Cozy the pot of food. Wait 15 to 25 minutes or so. If the food isn't "done," fire the stove back up and bring the pot of "stuff" back up to boiling tmeps for a minute or so, again. Back to the cozy. Wait, recheck. Even rice should be done in 2 cycles, MAYBE 3. This just isn't that hard.


2006-03-11, 17:34
Normally when we cook rice ect. we dump them in the cold water, heat until a roling boil is achieved. Then it's put aside, just insulated from the ground and with lid on, no cozy. Then we cook the other part of the meal e.g. sauce and when it's ready (10-20min) then rice are also done. Macaronies are just dumped in boiling water and set aside the same way.

Baking a potatoe - That would require a small makeshift oven and a long slow burn. . . . .

2006-03-11, 19:30
Stove to be used is tea candle size, aluminum container that the candle comes in.

This will be the one I use: Dual Flame Competition Grade :damnmate:


2006-03-12, 10:03
Deadeye was dead-on. We know who wears the apron in his abode :rolleyes:

:biggrin: Used to be a short-order cook!

2006-03-13, 00:54
I put this in the wrong place the first time cleck the kinks we got rice no burn on bottom

2006-03-13, 20:03
ok monday where is the rice??

2006-03-13, 21:31
I got black rice :confused:

Ok Mr. retired STOVIE, give me some slack :biggrin:

Job well done Oops57

In the world of “STOVIES” nothing is written in stone, It’s ok that you altered the size of the tea candle tin to fit your needs. This is what STOVIES are all about, creativity, go with the flow, Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained!!!!!!!!!!!

I like your photos!!!!!! First one shows rice is done and chopsticks ready to go. Second shows the heck with chopsticks the spoon is what makes short work of rice. :)

I burned my brown rice, used too much powdered magnesium as fuel. :biggrin:

No I did’nt make a mistake when I typed your name, you added an oops to your number.

When you started cooking you said you had forgot to replace the screw in the fuel fill port and had a little blaze going there for a bit until you put it out. We’re glad you got it out, just as your finger hair started to grow back now this had to happen, not to mention your eyebrows.

You had me almost rollin on the floor when I started to imagine the look on you face after putting out the blaze, you saying to yourself “ooooooppppssss I forgot to put the screw back in the fuel fill port” I assigned an additional oops to your name bringing it to a total of “57" :elefant: :elefant:

By forgetting the screw, you have become a statistic, just like me and a few more STOVIES out there. “ Iceman” take note,

Okay!!!! the boiled egg and rice challenge were easy. Now the cookie and baked potato!!!!!

Mutinousdoug, I think you're right when you said [quote]G#@^%&N crackpot Stovies.[quote] No more challenges after these two!!!!!!!! I'm out of time!!!!!

Oops57, now you can show us how those ovens work that you have been buiding.

2006-03-13, 21:51
Ok fist here is a hint i always got a pail or pot that well fit over the whole thing easy to put out make shore the handle knobs are ground off well the bake potato is going to be easy how many one or two would like

2006-03-13, 23:21
Let's ask MutinousDoug!!!!!!!

Mutinousdoug what will it be?????????

Oops57, don't forget the screw!!!!!!! :damnmate: keep the snuffer pot close by :rolleyes:

2006-03-14, 00:15
OK, you stovies.
I think a potato the size of a tennis ball would be about the limit a sane camper would take into the woods with him/her for fun. A campfiring camper would have no trouble roasting one wrapped in tinfoil on coals, leaving a mess to pack out or leave for the rest of us. EtOh stoves seem to be limited to solo or 2 man messes. I take potato flakes with me, but I sometimes hike with a guy who packs along rolled oats and swiss chard for meals. No processed food for him. (Can't hardly get him to eat salami. or bacon) He's a pretty good fisherman though, so we don't go hungry, by any means.
Let me guess?
Wrap a potato in foil. Drop in water. bring to a boil, Let stove burn out, pull potato from water, wrap in cozy. steep for 10? minutes. Baked potato? :adore:
Don't make me challenge you to cooking a steak.

2006-03-14, 00:23
There is a difference from a boiled potato and a baked one, I am going to try this challenge, but I don't have the availability of a small tealight candle holders, the only ones they have here in Korea are plastic. Soooo I am going to use my pepsi can stove to bake a potato. I'll let you know how it turns out.

2006-03-14, 01:47
Wrap a potato in foil. Drop in water. bring to a boil, Let stove burn out, pull potato from water, wrap in cozy. steep for 10? minutes. Baked potato?
:adore: Presto - Boiled potato . . . . :smile:

Don't make me challenge you to cooking a steak.
Just whipe its behind and saw off the horns . . . :biggrin: Very little fuel consumption.

Baked potatoe - I'm thinking tin can, notches or holes around top rim, bottle bottom as spacer, on slow-burning stove. Put slightly larger can upside down over the rig, to make a thermic lock. See draft visualized in attachment.
Work doesn't allow me much sparetime at the moment, so I haven't got time to tinker with this.

2006-03-14, 11:12
Baked Taters.....

How about baking it at home, then reheating in the field? (I guess this takes all the fun out of it now, doesn't it... :biggrin:

2006-03-14, 11:52
I like to know do we do it on a home made stove or a back packing stove or some kind of camping stove like optimus primus svea coleman whatever

2006-03-14, 13:46
Oops57, :biggrin:

Tea candle stoves only and homemade ovens.

Looks like you and I are the only STOVIES interested in cookin with ultralight TC's

I'm gathering parts to build an oven. Should have it done by

2006-03-15, 02:38
Well for me a lost cause got oven built over filled tea candle started of good 30 sec. or so it boil over big fire nice and big put out with pan water the oven gets hot but it take to much fuel in the tea candle one. So i fired up my trangia burner only one 1 oz. fuel forgot to time it but the oven got to 240F when it went out i waited 1 min. then check the temp. of potato 160F try one more time with something of a stove small alcohol give up for now mite as well get some shut eye

2006-03-15, 19:46
Oops!!!!! glad your ok, what an adrenilan rush that must have been whoeeee!!!!!

Looks like you and I are the only STOVIES interested in cookin with ultralight TC's

Sorry, I was wrong when I made that statement, was in to big of a hurry, did'nt read the post that had been made :damnmate:

This is where I'm at with my oven parts. Try to picture in your mind: I'm going to use an empty 1 gallon paint can (new), mount inside of it a muffler (small engine 8 horse) at the back end of the can to act as a heat exchanger.

Below the muffler(outside the can) will be the TC5 mounted as close as possible to the hole leading to the muffler. Ther will be a hole in the top of the can for the end of the muffler to stick out and it will have a chimney attached to it to draw air through the muffler.

In the middle of the can will be a mesh shelf with the potato on it.

The lid will be put on to close it up to retain heat.

The TC5 will be on the outside!!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions and comments are trully welcome and encouraged.

gotta run!!!!!!!!


2006-03-15, 20:23
Well if it was me put in a smaller can wrap insulation all round it.do the door also . put muffler up into both cans at back straight up put some v notches at top muffler let the heat from the muffler exhaust into can and the heat that comes out chimney is hot also up front on top one or two vent little so it don't blow cover open but i don't think one filling of fuel will do it good luck i get back to mine 2 or 3 days {p. s. put a funnel at bottom muffler over stove just above it so can stell get air or as close as you can get as long the stove don't go out]

2006-03-16, 01:53
well i tried to do it twice so just had to cheat the ovens has to be double wall with insulation on this one to work real good to much heat lost the bottom was cut out put a steel bottom with holes to let heat in little rack for potato pan over pan these are pot pie pans used a trangia burne 3 oz. fuel 23 min burn time inside potato temp 180F it was done on the left the pumice rock tea candle was doing some water boiling 1 oz 7-1/2 min run time one more try must put insulatlation on pans [duck tape???]

2006-03-16, 21:34
Almost baked the one that i showed a picture of up above. That potato would equal 1 cupfull if i cubed it up. One cup equals one serving right?

It baked 90% using 15ml denatured alcohol.

Burn time was 27 min. 39 degree air temp in the garage.

I changed my mind about using the muffler heat exchanger.

Instead i made the paint can into a rotisseri oven.

Every miniute i turned the potato 1/2 revolution.

Steam started coming out of the can after 1 min. of baking.

I think all i have to do is insulate the can super good and then proceed as i did today and it will bake the same size potato 100%

I'll do another test on Sat. Take some photos and show you how i did it.

OOPS, nice try, gotta use a TC5, this is tea candle country, ultra lightweight, the stove weighs 1 gram, holds 15ml fuel, gives of enough btu's to boil water, hardboil an egg, cook rice and by Sat. bake a potato :)

I think Mutinousdoug will fire up his and cook a steak for himself on a home made rotisseri oven. Naaah, stick with the potato flakes and salami :biggrin:

2006-03-17, 00:04
OK you IncogNUTo,
After your rude upset of my EtOh stove world, I don't know why I am contributing to your folly. But the insulation needs to stay above the stove while the rotisseri rotates inside the insulation. If you get that happening, you could do pizza.
NO! Wait! I didn't say you could do Pizza!!!

2006-03-17, 07:34
Hi, Guys-

Consider this a "note from Mom."

I drop in and check this thread once in a while to see what you have come up with. It's interesting, but not the game I need to play. I've been cooking since I was a young girl and have fed my own family for over 35 years. So, when I get out into the woods, I'm really looking for boil and dump foods, not a new setting for work.

Want a couple of hints from a home kitchen that might help in the field? If you want to speed up baking potatoes, there are some tricks. One is to boil a potato for about 5 minutes prior to baking it. That can cut the baking time in half and yield a very moist inside with a crispy outside. (I never wrap potatoes in foil. That results in a steamed potato with no crispy skin.) Cut up foods cook faster in general, so consider cutting the potato to be baked into at least quarters, and buttering or oiling the cut sides to hold in some of the moisture. I've not tried the potato "nails" that were touted for a while, but the premise was long nails would pick up oven heat and conduct some of it to the inside of the potato, speeding up the baking process. I don't know if it really works, but most of us carry tent stakes. If you are near a water source, it could be worthwhile to wash and sanitize (flame) a couple of stakes to use as skewers/conductors.

Fresh potatoes are actually a good source of vitamins and minerals, so if you can handle the carbo load, enjoy your experimenting!


2006-03-17, 20:48
Rosaleen. I agree with you. I suggested that they pre- bake em' also.

But then I started remembering some of the absolutely ridiculous ideas I have had over the years....like...

like the time I backpacked a full size lawn chair into the mountains, so I had a real comfy place to sit.

or the time I drug a huge propane bottle to elk camp, hooked a rosebud flame thrower to it, to start the camp fire. (Worked great :biggrin: ) Didn't need to do it, but did it just the same. (The "boys" really liked this one and speak of if often...)

Some times men do things just because. Makes neither rhyme nor reason, we just do it. Other men look on with a knowing look. They know why we did it.

Sort of like shopping at the mall with my wife. As soon as I enter the mall, my legs fill with lead, I get a headache and incredibly thirsty. I call this condition "mall- leg-syndrome" (MLS). The next time you go to the mall, look for the Orange Julious or similar refreshment area, and you will find lot's of guys sitting on benchs, in agony. They have MLS. My wife can shop in this environment for hours, and not even buy anything :banghead:

Then, one day, it dawned on me. She was scouting. Just like I do, often. Drive to the mountains, and just well,...drive around.....Not really going anywhere in particular, but "scouting". She was scouting the mall. Right then and there I finally understood something about men and women. We are very similar, but oh so different. I will spend $300$ on tools to perform a ten dollar repair. I will spend all weekend chasing a stringer of fish that I could buy at the grocery for 1/10th of the investment. Sort of like women and jewelry. "Looks like gold" just doesnt cut it does it...?

The point of the potato exercise isn't to eat the potato. Far from that. The point of this potato exercise is to simply "do it", eating the potato is just ancillary. It is that simple.

And, if I am wrong, I will just look at the guy with the alcohol fired backcountry potato baking oven device, and smile, raise my glass to him and wish him well, (and secretly wonder if he has been taking his medications....) :biggrin:

2006-03-17, 21:16

Honey, I am SO not putting down the potato baking thread. I'm just not up for playing, but did have some hints, like parboiling potatoes for 5 minutes really can cut the baking time in half. I sometimes do this here, at home. I encourage guys to cook, anywhere, any time. Hubby almost never cooks at home, In fact, I didn't know that he COULD cook until he stole my wok for a weekend and cooked a meal for his Scouts as a demo. (Brat! I totally wouldn't mind a break from cooking. I DO HATE, however, cleaning up after someone else cooks. Especially if someone cooks when I'm not home and leaves the mess for me...)

You are preaching to the wrong congregation comparing what folks do for fun in the woods to a trip to the mall when you are talking to me. I HATE MALLS! The last time I dragged hubby to one was to find clothes for HIM, then we left. I'd researched on line to see what was on-sale, called ahead to see if they had his size in stock: We bought his clothes, and left. Really! Orange Julius? Don't they have TGIF or some other sports bar where you can at least watch TV and have a brew????

Believe it or not, I spend as much time (probably more) drooling over my B-I-L's tools and latest woodworking projects as over my sister's kitchen stuff or decorating projects. I'm a backpacker, too, remember? Not into fishing, 'cause I don't have the patience. YOU fish, I'll forage or read a book in my hammock. My kids actually enjoyed boiled thistle stems and milk weed pods, along with crayfish while camped with me. (Gotta try the cattail roots in the right season!) We had been to a ranger talk about wild foods and took it to heart. We were all young and dumb. We had a great time. I couldn't get them to do it now, as adults.

I sometimes do "real cooking" when car camping, depending on how much time we have. I have made plenty of muffins, cakes, and poached eggs over my Brasslite with a pot and a cut up pie plate for a steamer rack. (Bakepacker substitute)

You fellas go play with your food. I have to make some time to change my oil...


2006-03-17, 22:08
:) Why cant there be more ladies like you?

I knew you werent putting the thread down...I just got off on one of my rambles....a bad habit of mine...

2006-03-18, 11:46
The potato you see here competely cooked in 37 min. using 25ml denatured alcohol.

I wrapped it with 2" wide fiberglass cloth (shown also) stuck 2 of those alumium potato spikes in each end to transfer heat into ends of potato.(thanks Rosleene)

Used two TC5's, one with 15ml and one with 10ml of fuel. When one burned out i slid the other under the cans belly to the hole. There is only 3 holes in the can, 2 small ones for the rotisserie to stick through and one large(same diameter as a tea candle tin.

I insulated it with Kevlar material.

Total time to assemble stove = 1/2 hour

Cost = three bucks $3.00 (new paint can)

All other parts had on hand from other projects.

The potato was completely cooked to the point to be used as American Fries or hash browns with bacon and eggs, not the traditionally BAKED fluffy. Another 10 min cook time I think would get the traditional Fluffy texture like what you see in the photo that Opps57 showed. He succeded. I gave up at the inbetween point :biggrin:




2006-03-18, 11:55
- Next challenge is roasting an entire giraffe using TC5 and 50ml of alcohol. :elefant:

2006-03-18, 13:44
Thanks! But on a note of realism, not many guys really want their gals in the trenches digging away with them. Some need "helpless females" to feel they are filling their society-impressed "man roles" properly. We seem to have plenty of guys and gals to fill those roles, don't we? Luckily for me, my hubby is not threatened by my lack of helplessness. You sound as if you might not be, either. The trick might be to keep from being so independent that I don't make him feel unneeded...

2006-03-18, 13:59

This could be very cool at a base camp. If you can master baking a potato, how far behind can brownies or pizza be???

Now, for those actually willing to lug a fresh potato, which could well be 80-90% water, how can you either multi-use the can or come up with a lighter version?
-A plug system so that the paint can might be used as a bucket/wash basin?
-A lighter version made from disposable aluminum foil pans?


You might check out Aaron Rosenblum's Trail Baker system, devised to use a Brasslite stove for (dry) baking. His ideas might be adapted to what you are doing.

I have leaned more towards steam-baking/poaching. For quicker and easy clean up, consider steaming eggs, muffins, etc., in foil muffin liners/cupcake cups. Set the foil thingie on a coil or "w" shaped piece of aluminum can wall if using something like a beer can or Vienna sausage can pot, or place several on an inverted and modified disposable pie pan in a WalMart grease pot, or other cook pot. I've gotten this to work from seal level to nearly 8000 ft at about 35 F. Steam does not work well for brownies, though.


2006-03-19, 02:17
This could be very cool at a base camp. If you can master baking a potato, how far behind can brownies or pizza be???
Don't know how much help this might be on the pizza question but thought you might be interested.

We used to make "pizza in a can" in Boy Scouts.
Grease the inside of a can, put some biscuit dough in it and form a cup (go a bit over half way to the top of the can). Fill the cup with pizza toppings, and then put more biscuit dough on top (can should be about 3/4 full). Seal the can with tin foil and bury it in a fire. In about 10 - 15 minutes pull out the can, and eat your pizza with a fork cause you can't get it out of the can.

2006-03-19, 06:49

Thanks this could be good if one is in a place that allows fires and the right pan or some aluminum foil is available. Did you place the coffee can in ashes or right on coals?


2006-03-20, 01:23
We buried it in the coals.
It wasn't a coffee can it was just a normal sized can (we were making individual pizzas).
Now that I think about it, 2 pop cans would also work great.
Cut the tops off of both, fill one with the ingredients, and shove the other can over top. (watch the edge of the can - sharp) (also you could do a few bends in the top of the can with the pizza in it to allow the other to go over easier)
Make a few steam holes in the can so it won't explode, and bury it in the coals.

If your pot was big enough you could also put the can inside it, put the lid on, and cook it with your alky stove. -Might get a little crispy where the bottom of the pot was hitting the metal of the can, but it should work.

2006-03-20, 03:12
A common recipe is to use a pita-bread as base, toppings on it.
Fry on greased pan/lid with pot upside down over it.

I think I'll make pizza on Greenland this summer :biggrin:


2006-03-22, 22:45
KLeth, I was'nt able to find Giraffe meat locally :)

Who was it that wanted pie for dessert? Mutinous, was that you?

Tomorrow I'm going to make cherry and strawberry pies using my tc5 oven and burners.

Most of you will be able to identify the two sided pie baking iron in the photo. I modified it a little by cutting the handles down a bit :biggrin: ok!!! a lot. It fits just right in the oven.

I had a thought that a grilled cheese made the same way should turn out ok!!



2006-03-23, 01:27
KLeth, I was'nt able to find Giraffe meat locally :) Hole giraffes are commonly available in a zoo near to your location :smile:

That toast looks yummy and breakfast isn't up yet . . . .

2006-03-23, 11:51
They fed the last one to the lions :elefant: :dancing2:

2006-04-05, 23:03
Ok here is a rare stove lets see who gets it and make it work

2006-04-06, 00:21
I wouldn't touch that stove with a 10 ft pole! Look at the tank and the fuel plug...The brass screw on cap is missing and someone has a CORK for a stand-in. Don't these gas stoves build up some backpressure in the tanks? Maybe we should see who buys it and pool some $$ to take out a fat insurance policy on the buyer....


2006-04-06, 01:29
I have a SVEA 123, it's a very efficient little stove. The output is around 1400W but can reach 1600W with optional pump-lid and midi-pump. Runs about 45-75 min, depending on output, on 100ml white gas or Coleman fuel. It's not very rare since it can be purchased new and there are almost always 5-10 for sale on ebay. See also http://www.optimus.se/product.asp?id=4

The shown stove lacks flame-cup/-spreader, regulator/tool key and the fuel-cap (as Rosaleen already has noted). It will be very dangerous to run it without the cap. The stove is pressurerized by heating the tank and I've noted that the pressure gets quite high very quickly.
I don't know whether it will be very good without the flamespreader.
But it looks like it has a nice but heavy extension ring with it (might not be original).

I can recommend the SVEA 123, but get the spare parts, these shouldn't be too hard to get and are frequently seen on eBay. An old stove might also need new gaskets and wick.

Our little "Climber" stove is usually our companion on one day hikes.

2006-04-06, 12:17
I think Rosaleen nailed it and may even have been that rude commenter on the Ebay auction :biggrin:

Also, I just received a package from Incognito containing the "Beta" version of his dual flame stove. I'll give it a few runs this afternoon or tomorrow and let you folks know how it works.
This one is aluminum but still hellforstout. I believe a normal adult could stand on it without damage. Weight is down from 6+ oz for his 1st prototype copper pipe version to a "svelt" 2.2 oz this go-around. This compares to .9 oz for a typical sodacan stove. If you pack one of Incognito's tea candle stoves around, this style is not for you. There is still alot of metal (read: weight) that could be removed without affecting function or even durability. Construction appears to be something that any stovie could master if Incog would enlighten us regarding raw materials and hole drilling techniques? (Looks like he gets most of it from the local hardware store.)

Mas tarde,


2006-04-06, 19:11
It'll be cool to hear what you find from your testing, doug.

2006-04-06, 22:25
Am currently down in the St. Louis MO area hunkered down, can't get into the Shawnee National Forest to hike, too many trees downed from the tornados that came through here. Bummmmmer!!!!!!!!

Mutinousdoug: I sent the original alum. version with fuzzed-up wick, no time to finish the batch-in-process, had to hit the trails, tried to anyway!!! Be sure to give it to Mama or you'll be sure to have a mutiny on your hands (thats probably how you got your name) :dancing2:

The aluminum version is Rino Tough, longevity is the name of the game I think 2 normal adults could stand on it and one baby :elefant: Versatility is also a key factor, use any kind of fuel you want, but no dilenthium crystals or magnesium :biggrin:

Lightweight is TC5, actually i shaved off 1/2 gram by using an aluminum filter material for the potstand, i'll try to post a photo soon.

2006-04-06, 23:43
sterno fuel what wrong with sterno fuel i got a small can 2 in. round 1 in tall put paper punch holes around top 1/4 in. down. Put 1-1/2 tablespoon sterno fuel hardware pot stand so pot 1 in. above can burn time 6 min. 20 oz water. Temp. 180F if out side it will need windscreen to me that almost as good as them Pepsi stove [update] i took a tea candle cut into 4 parts put one in middle into gel now get a 10 min. burn and a boil and a taller flame P. S. no wick just wax

2006-04-06, 23:50
Versatility is also a key factor, use any kind of fuel you want, but no dilenthium crystals or magnesium :biggrin:

so, does that mean i can use my rocket engine idea with it? :biggrin:

2006-04-07, 00:35
I thought I'd move my future posts on Incognito's dual flame stove to the "Dual Flame" thread to keep the thread titles coherent.
I spent all day looking for my notes from the "Alpha" dual flame tests and finally found them. I confess my basement looks pretty much like oops56 lab does.

2006-04-07, 10:46
I spent all day looking for my notes from the "Alpha" dual flame tests and finally found them. I confess my basement looks pretty much like oops56 lab does.

i think that's all of us, really... :biggrin:

2006-04-07, 11:03
Notes Notes yep i got them too witch goes to witch stove forgot to do a number system start over i guess dam [note get more alcohol]

2006-04-07, 17:50
Well i got a new stove its better then i thought its a shoe polish can a small one 2 in. round by 5/8 hi cut hole in cover put window screen in cover fiberglass insulation in bottom half put two together got stove. It fits inside the esbit can and will fold up plus i use it as my pot stand. on1/2 oz. fuel 8 min burn 20 oz. water hot in 4 min. boil in 7 min.

2006-04-07, 23:05
Oops, is that a Trangia Kettle there in powdercoat finish? I have a similar kettle, love it, my handle cover is a bit melted though...

2006-04-08, 01:48
no its slippy Teflon in side and out got to be careful it don't slid off the pot stand

2006-04-09, 17:16
Ooops57, how much fuel will it hold and did you use fiberglass cloth or was it INSULATION?

I have never tried insulation in a stove, does it wickup fuel as well or better than cloth?

Nice work on the stove, keep makin um, nothing ventured nothing gained!!!!

2006-04-09, 22:50
Yep its fiberglass insulation and it works real good wicks in great

2006-07-09, 21:51
O K incognito the bake potato is coming back on this Little oven be here soon it mite take two tea candles to do it but i give it a go[ click picture for biger]

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_potato3.gif (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/potato3.gif)

2006-07-10, 18:46
OK let's make a go of it.

I'm workin on a more compact one, soon to be finished :elefant:

2006-07-11, 22:23
Ok Ooops!!!!!

You asked for it!!!!!! This is a sneak prview of what my potato will be baked in. Bet you can't guess what it used to be!!!!!!!

Here's the super spud oven!!!!! (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/obijiwa/potatobak.jpg )

I'll fire it up this comming weekend

2006-07-11, 23:10
Ok Ooops!!!!!

You asked for it!!!!!! This is a sneak prview of what my potato will be baked in. Bet you can't guess what it used to be!!!!!!!

Here's the super spud oven!!!!! (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/obijiwa/potatobak.jpg )

I'll fire it up this comming weekend

yep its a cake thing to put frosting on cake

2006-07-13, 00:04
It's a cake caulking gun :elefant:

2006-07-14, 09:20
O K i got it your patato stove is a pastry press see

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_ppress.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/ppress.jpg)

2006-07-14, 19:29
Hey !!!! that's the one one. I got mine at the thrift store for 1 dollar with all the little discs.

What was the cost of your oven?

Mine going to beat yours!!!!!! :elefant:

I postponed my bake till next week. Going out of town this weekend.

2006-07-21, 22:35
Let's get those ovens heated, this weekend is the one to do it!!!!!!!!!

Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!

2006-07-24, 12:44
I used 4 tc5's in succession filled with 15ml/1/2 ounce denatured alcohol.

50 min. burn time

covered oven with alluminum sheild to capture heat

used wind screen to surround and concentrate flame but had to use diffuser screens to knock down/reduce height of flame

I'll try 3 Tc5's on my next test burn, I believe it can bake it with 3

The potatos starting weight was 415 grams, it is bigger than the original baked in the first bake-off




2006-07-28, 21:55
How about the OOPS53 shoe polish stove, but with a aluminum spike sticking up through it to mount your spud specimen?
wrapped in foil of course

Another thought is one of those windscreen with the tent pegs through it as a pot stand. If the windscreen was a bit taller you could skewer your potato that way, and then set the pot on the potatoe for cooking supper and making coffee while the potato bakes. Of course I understand this is more of a contest as a potato uses a lot of time and fuel, and is itself rather heavy. Good ideas for a woodstove though, where fuel is less an issue. Also, there are some roots in the woods you can cook like a potato.

Once a potato is hot it is a great hand and pocket warmer for winter hikes. I used to carry two hard boiled eggs in my pockets on cold mornings for my 8:30 classes in Fredericton NB, and then eat them for lunch.

2006-07-28, 22:08
I'm wondering if slow and steady might win the race.
How about 3-4 tealights in a small well insulated box?

p.s. Perhaps a potato stove / lantern?

Mark 1 Potato Lantern:
1. Potato wrapped in foil.
2. Three tent pegs skewering potato as a stand.
3. Three tea lights under potato and three pegs.
4. 2 litre pop bottle with bottom cut off as a bell jar.
5. Three holes to let air in, offset 60deg from pegs.
6. Shield the neck inside with muffler tape so it doesn't melt.
7. Blue foam pad and muffler tape as a ground pad.
8. You might alter the design so that it can hang.

1 tealight might be enough, but 3 is better for reading.

2006-07-30, 00:44
JAK Enter your idea in the form of a baked potato :)

Ooops What is taking you so long to bake with that new tater baker?

I'm beggining to feel a little weird doing this alone. :confused:

2006-07-31, 01:53
OK you asked for it now i am all done with the tea candle so here is the big gun just got this stove alcohol wick type thats the oven on top with a potato in it i cook it for 30 min almost done needs more time like 45 next week next week running out of potato's

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_potato1-1.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/potato1-1.jpg)

2006-07-31, 04:06
OK you asked for it now i am all done with the tea candle so here is the big gun just got this stove alcohol wick type thats the oven on top with a potato in it i cook it for 30 min almost done needs more time like 45 next week next week running out of potato's

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_potato1-1.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/potato1-1.jpg)
:elefant:Looks like some sort of a bomb.
Be careful you don't reach critical mass with that thing. :biggrin:

I will see if I can bake a potato this week myself. I will use the biggest spud I can find,
but I think our New Brunswick Potatoes are a little smaller than those Rocky Mountain Potatoes from Idaho.

2006-07-31, 22:51
I can see why you gave up on the tea candle stove, the walls of that Potato Bomb look like they are a 1/4 inch thick. :)

JAK, if you can't find 1 big potato, us 2 medium size. This is not rocket science, just a way to forget about stuff. :fisheye:

The way Oops adapts reminds me of the marines. They get the job done, one way or another :biggrin: Watch yer 6 guys :confused:

2006-07-31, 23:58
My wife says I'm already pretty good at forgetting stuff. :biggrin:

I'm at work tonight, but tommorrow morning I'm going to bake a potato.
Well, at least I'm going to burn a tealight. That's much I know. :)

p.s. I worked through night and need to work today also so potato will have too wait. I will use digital camera to provide pictures though. Should be interesting. I will try and cook the potato completely, but I can't promise anything since as you know most of my ideas are only half baked. :biggrin: