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2006-03-13, 23:53
I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and a while back they introduced me to RSS feeds. Firefox has a fairly new feature they call "live bookmarks". Live bookmarks are bookmarks that can lead to several different pages (or articles/blogs) and are constantly updated.

For example:
Click on the live bookmark "BBC news\Front page\World addition"
and another box opens with 30 or so headlines of current news, I click on one of them and it opens a page where I read the full story.

I was happy with this, except I had to keep opening bookmarks and going through the whole process again to read other stories. So I decided to try a reader. I got Sage, a free reader that works with Firefox.

It not only gives me the headlines, but it also a synopsis, so it's easier to tell if I want to read the story or not. I can open multiple stories at the same time without having to reopen anything. It shows if there has been new content added since the last time I looked. I was able to load a new "style" (several available) so I got a font and news display that I like.

Sorry if I'm sounding like a commercial, but I really like this! There are several different types of news readers out there, you don't have to use Firefox and Sage. There is a reader for almost every type of browser, and if you haven't tried one I recommend you do.

Some links where you can find readers:

Firefox and Sage:

Is anyone else using a reader? What is it, and how do you like it?

P.S. I also use it for Tom Mangan's hiking blog site (the only blog I normally read) Two Heel Drive. He sometimes posts here.

2006-03-14, 01:53
I just use FireFox' live Bookmarks. I have them on the bookmark toolbar for easy access. I have tried other readers, but here at work FireFox is always open, so I don't have to install other software.

2006-03-14, 07:14
You ought to try Sage. I didn't think it would be that much improvement over the live bookmarks, but now that I've tried it I'm hooked.
It makes reading the news so much easier and more convenient.

It is an extension for Firefox, and isn't very big (132k), so it takes a very short time to load. It becomes part of the browser. If you don't want to use it, or don't like it, you can either easily disable it, uninstall it, or just leave it in place and not use it.

It is extremely easy to set up: Install, turn browser off then on, click tools/sage, click options, click settings, and from the list of bookmarks pick the folder your live bookmarks are in. That's it.
You can customize the font and etc. if you want to, or leave it with it's default settings.

It's easy quick and painless, give it a try.