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2006-03-14, 13:36

Heres a pretty interesting little LED light.Weighs one ounce and clips on to the brim of a hat.they have one with 3 white LEDs and one in green.”

2006-03-15, 00:32
Streamweaver, I tried out one of these during our Elk hunt last year, for hiking in the dark with, worked fine. My version was marketed under the name of Cateyes, bought it at the local Wallmart for 9$ with batteries. Even took a bit of rain and snow on the brim of my hat without incident. I liked mine so much, I tossed a few in the stockings at xmas.

I still prefer to carry only AA powered items, so batteries are interchangable, but with the LED revolution and the low battery consumption related to LED's, I made an exception.

I would give it a thumbs up!

2006-03-15, 02:39
Haven't any experience with this lamp, but I am all for L.E.D. lights.

I bought a small L.E.D. camping lamp 3 years ago that takes 2 AA's, and it is still on the original batteries. This wouldn't be that impressive, except that I like to read, and will do so after dark if I have the light. With a normal light powered by AA's I'm lucky to last into the second night.

I was so impressed with this light that I bought my entire family L.E.D. lights for X-mas.

I also built myself a small emergency light powered by a watch battery (basically I taped an L.E.D. to the battery) that I put in with my hiking medical supplies.

My opinion is that even if you don't get this light, get yourself an L.E.D. lamp.

(and skip the green unless your a spotlighter)

2006-03-15, 09:51
I have a similar single-LED light with a hinged clip. Can clip to hat brim, hammock ridgeline, etc. IMHO, LED's are one of the greatest hiking inventions ever. I carry a AAA powered headlamp, and toss 3 or 4 little watch-battery-powered lites in various pockets of my pack and shorts. There's always one handy, and a handfull weighs less than a single D cell.

2006-03-15, 13:00
I made a bunch of these, got them stashed everywhere

2006-04-11, 02:11
Works great for Scrabble games at the campsite, too!
My friends and I camp by motorcycle, so we're usually wearing hats to hide the mess our helmets have made all day.


Unfortunately, he tried tucking the cord for his earphones up into the clip and broke one off, making it move around too much to do any real good. He says he liked it enough that he'll get another.

The full story... Four Bikers And A Monkey (http://fourbikersandamonkey.blogspot.com)

Just Jeff
2006-04-11, 10:32
Welcome, squeaky!

Here's another small LED light that may be useful:

Haven't had it long enough to test durability, though - it seems kinda flimsy, but at $2 that's not a huge problem.

2006-04-12, 01:31
But my mom says it's rude to point.

Just Jeff
2006-04-12, 16:00
Depends on what you're pointing to...

2006-04-12, 17:11
and what you're pointing with! :biggrin: