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Woods Walker
2006-03-15, 21:21
I like my Hennessy Explorer Deluxe allot. I can find more spots to set it up than a normal tent and I sleep great in the thing. But the rain fly is a bit small. I use an equinox 8x10 Sil nylon tarp to give me some room to change under the hammock and cook. I use the snake skins to keep water from running down the ropes. What do the rest of you all do for a larger fly and keep water from running down the ropes? I use shock cord to keep the fly from going slack.

http://images5.theimagehosting.com/smallhammockfly.jpg (http://www.theimagehosting.com)

Just Jeff
2006-03-15, 22:35
I use the MacCat Standard or the JRB 8x8 with homemade or JRB tarp tensioners.

Edit: I tie the tarp to the tree, so the original HH tarp connectors hang down like drip strings.

2006-03-16, 12:17
i prefer the smaller stock tarp if i'm only going out overnight (usual) and rain isn't forecast (often).

if i had an 8 x 8, i'd use it. i'm waiting for walmart to get some more silnylon in so i can get it done.

i made an 8 x 10, and use it when it's going to rain, if i'm not sure, or if i'm going out for more than 2 overnights (unusual... only get a few weeks off a year, and family cuts into that). for a tarp tensioner, i simply made two loops in one of the tarp tieouts that ties to the tree at the foot end of the hammock. i stretch a cheap walmart bungi cord between the two loops for added tension should the line go slack. cheap, easy, and works.

i left the hooks/knots on the line (that the stock tarp would attach to) as rain-stoppers. i usually push the snakeskins all the way to the tree to cover my knot/caribiner, folding it up to keep it drier...

Hog On Ice
2006-03-16, 14:51
I also use the Explorer Deluxe HH - I used a 10x10 for a while but It tended to collect water in a pool right above the seam causing drips - next I tried the JRB 8x8 with the seam along the ridge line it worked better than the 10x10 but it was barely enough ridge line for the Explorer - finally I talked Brian of OES into making me a custom MacCat with a longer ridge line (160 inch) - this worked well and worked even better when I added the slingshot tarp tensioners mentioned elsewhere on this forum - note I wanted the extra ridge line length so as to have coverage for things that I hang on the hammock ropes

2006-03-17, 05:03
I have an HH explorer deluxe with the hex fly, (cant remember the dimensions), tied to the tree or sometimes with one end tied to the tree this gives me all the coverage i need and allows me to adjust the height of the fly if the weather turns bad, and gives more room then ever to get dressed/cook/look at map under, if you release one of the hammock tie outs and swing the hammock over to one side. Once a tent never a tent now its the hammock every time..

2006-03-17, 10:14
I use the MacCat Deluxe and have more than enough room under it. I have about a forearm+ of length on either end.

Hog On Ice
2006-03-17, 14:13
Which model of hammock do you have txulrich? The reason I ask is that the Explorer HH is longer that many of the other HHs.

2006-03-20, 09:40
I have the Expedition Asym. If the MacCat Deluxe is not long enough, I'm sure that Brian would make you one to meet your requirements. I would encourage you to talk to him.

Sorry about that. Dummy me just read your previous post above. I see you have already gotten a custom tarp. :angel:

Well, I would encourage anyone else to talk to Brian if the stock products don't quite match your requirements. He makes a good product and the service is top notch.