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2006-03-17, 13:55
So far, it's gotta be my Snugpak Merlin Softie 3. It really does get down the to the size of a football and I can fit into my a$$pack and have room for a poncho too. I sleep cold, so with a silk liner inside and poncho liner or two wrapped around, it's great in coldish weather (down to 5 celcius or so) (all that will be good with loads of extra space in a 35L day-pack. Since I sleep cold, I wouldn't go any lower temp-wish that that arrangement though. But for me, I value compact, a bit more than lite even.

However, I've also recently bought the US Army Modular sleep system (used). Gets down to the size of a medicine ball, as opposed to a football, but I assume that it will really do the trick in crazy cold temperatures. No chance to use it yet, but next year, might get to do some snow hiking in BC, so will check it out.

That said, I notice that Snugpak are doing a modular system they call Special Forces, which they say will get you down to --20 C (extreme). To me, that would probably mean about --10 C comfort, but I guess that if you added a Merlin Softie 3 to it, you'd get down that low. It's not cheap though, being listed in the states at about 250.

I have waay too many sleeping bag though -- about 6 now.

2006-03-17, 13:59

$250 in the States, I mean!

2006-03-17, 14:45
i've had several over the years...

the army's crap was just that... crap. heavy, cold, and it all sucked... there were three of them... down, fiberfill, and this experimental thing with a goretex cover.

i still have a Fiberfill II bag from my scouting days... daughter uses it now for sleepovers as it's lost all loft... might be good down to about 50 or so. it's heavy... about 4 lbs.

my next bag was a TNF Thunderhead. Polargard 3D filling. Warm down into the 20s. still heavy. daughter's Tigger bag is exactly the same thing, but only weighs a couple pounds... but it's heavy for it's size.

i gave my brother the TNF bag and bought a Western Mountaineering Caribou MF... and what a sweet thing it is! i live in the south, so its 35* rating is great, even in winter. it goes below freezing at night only in dec and jan. i'm a wimp, and don't camp in the cold anymore... the bag is my first down bag, and i love it. warm, soft, and only weighs 20oz! it will pack down into one of WM's XXS stuff sacks, about 6 inches around and about 8-9 long... like a nalgene bottle, i guess, maybe a little thicker... say a quaker oats container... but i don't ever mash it that hard... i've got a larger stuff sack i use. and there's plenty of room in my Gust, so no worries there.

if i were to do more camping up north, i'd buy a WM Ultralite (20*, 26 oz) or it's slightly wider brother the Alpinlite (20*, 31 oz). my caribou is 64" around the shoulders, as is the alpinlite. the ultralite is 59" around, and might be a bit too small for my comfort... still under 2 lbs if i go with the larger bag.

2006-03-17, 15:56
Very happy with my Marmot Hydrogen - its rating of -1 C seems about right. If it's getting chilly I add a silk liner and simply wear my clothes to bed. I'm sure the thing would compress down to nothing, but I never do this to this bag. Just stuff it in the bottom of my pack. At home it resides in an oversized cotton sack.



2006-03-17, 20:05
My best bag is a Cabelas -40 Alaskan Guide Mummy bag. Almost 10lbs of sleeping bag :biggrin: You should see the smile on my face (after a day of hunting )when I crawl into this baby! (Obviously not a hiking bag though...)

For general hiking, I also have a Western Mountaineering bag. Wife and I bought two of these 20 years ago, and have stored them properly, and still have good loft. Have been snow camping with them for five years. Great bag.

Summer bag is a Kelty Light Year 45 degree down, (1lb 15oz, Long). Not much bag here, but if it gets really cold, I just drink more, or put on some more clothing.