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2006-03-17, 16:44
Anyone use a thermacel in their hammock, I just ordered a Hennessy hoping to use it here in SC. The guy at Hennessy suggested a thermarest on the bottom, but I am thinking that I also need some chem warfare, Any suggestions.

2006-03-17, 17:50
thermacell... is that like a chemical heating pad? i've never tried it... did think about running an extension cord out from the house though, and plugging in a heating pad, in the middle of winter...

thermarest works in a hammock, but it's bulky and slippery. foam pad works better, underquilt is best, all imho...

2006-03-17, 23:53
Quite a few people spray deet or something else on the bottom of their hammock.
Personally I don't like the smell.
Mosquitos MIGHT be able to get at you through the bottom of the hammock, but if you lie down on a pad or even just a blanket they won't be able to reach you.
Seeker, even though he didn't know that thermacell was skeeter repellant, gave you good advice.

2006-03-18, 10:34
omg, that's funny! mosquito repellent? i had never heard of it... and hs said "A thermacel", like it was an object... but i should have picked up on it when he said 'chemical warfare'... oh well...

no, i don't use DEET on my hammock, becuase of what it does to nylon... but i do use permethrin spray, especially on the bug netting and on my clothing...

(but the skeeters are so big down here, it's actually cheaper to shoot them than poison them.)

2006-03-18, 17:16
Reason he said "a Thermacell" is because it's not a spray, it's a pad you heat with a butane cartridge (the "thermacell"). They come in the form of a lamp (small, medium, large) or just a warming unit.

They also make butane powered hair curling irons (also called Thermacell).
So you can curl your hair while camping, and have that just came from the salon look.

Just Jeff
2006-03-18, 19:30
I've used my HH UL Backpacker many times in SC without a bug problem. I wasn't down in the swamps - skeeters might be different there - but I never encountered any bugs that were able to get me through the HH.

You might try not worrying about it for a few trips and see if it's even a problem you need to fix.

And just because I haven't seen one in a while: :elefant: