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2006-03-17, 22:11
I'm now a resident of North Carolina!!! Woo hoo!!!

Untill I go to Iraq or Ashcanistan that is.

If anyone is in the Fayetteville area and wants to stop by leave me a message after the beep.......BEEP.

2006-03-19, 19:20
Well, Hi, jimtanker!

Consider hitting Hot Sprngs, NC, for Trailfest. Not so much Trailfest as Ed Speer's hammockcampers hangout. I won't make this one, I think, but you will meet some good folks.


2006-03-19, 19:52
Thanks Rosaleen. Got a link to it so I can check it out?

2006-03-19, 19:59

Try here: < http://speerhammocks.com/Assets/HotSpringsApr06.htm >

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out a way to get from the airport in Atlanta to Springer...


Ron Haven
2006-03-19, 20:57

Try here: < http://speerhammocks.com/Assets/HotSpringsApr06.htm >

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out a way to get from the airport in Atlanta to Springer...

RosaleenBy trail or road?

2006-03-19, 21:20
i think i remember someone over on whiteblaze saying that MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) runs buses out of the city in various directions, and you can get shuttles from their last stop (sorry, don't know where) to Springer... maybe MARTA has a web site?

2006-03-20, 13:28
Seeker and tiamalle-

I spent a lot of yesterday on the Internet trying to research things and line up rides. I found:
-Delta does allow "open-jaw" flights in their mileage reward programs.
-From the Atlanta airport, take MARTA, Northline to the second to last
stop, something Springs. Current fare $1.75, can be purchased at any stop.
The amount of fare and how to pay can be important as sometimes one has to
have the provider's token, card, etc., or exact amount in hand. Enter "Atlanta
airport" or "Atlanta Hartsfield airport" and a link comes up for the airport, then
more links lead to MARTA. Their schedules and other info is easy to find on their
The only improvement I would suggest is a link to Springer transportation...
-Shuttle+bunk+breakfast+shower (amenities included) +ride to Springer via
< Hikerhostel.com > $55 as a "Thru-Hiker Special." They have several other
services, as well.
-I have at least one "friendly" near Fontana Dam who could get me to the
Knoxville Airport.

Lots of info in a day. I was despairing finding what I thought I'd need when I was having troubles getting links to work. Now I'm thinking of waiting until next year, in spite of all the "good signs." I have some committments that I am having enough time problems fulfilling right now. If I bail on BSA Camp School, I will lose my certification. I need to help teach to renew or start from scratch another year. I'm thinking summer '07 I will need a paying job, and this certification opens a door for me. Of course, if hubby's career fortunes change for the better, I can "retire" to gear making, testing, and writing around the Susie Homemaker stuff. Maybe I could find time to play with hubby's wood working tools and make baby furniture, assuming grandkids come along eventually. No rush on my behalf. This potential grandma wants her own delayed childhood now. At least I can appreciate it more fully these days, around the arthritis, etc. <g>

Now to figure what I AM going to do with spring break...


2006-03-20, 13:41
the knoxville airport is one of the coolest small-city airports i've ever been in... they have this cool mountain stream/sculpture thing running right down the middle of the main hall from the ticket counters to the gates... sounds exactly like the mountains...

good luck, whichever way you decide.

2006-03-23, 21:21
I live in Western NC on the weekends and the Peidmont region the rest of the time. While there isn't much hiking in the central area the western section is IMHO a hiking goldmine. I live right on the border of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and there is not much of a better place to hike that I know of and I have been down the entire east coast form the Keys to the tip of Maine. One of the few places left on the east coast with completely Boreal forests. Contact me if you are going to be in the area and I can give you some advice on where to look for wildlife, sights, etc.

By the Way, I don't know if have heard of it but you might wanna check and see about the Mountains to Sea trail.