View Full Version : Wally World Grease Pot

2006-03-18, 15:18
I picked up one of these, planning to make some kind of mod for the lid handle. Any suggestions?

Just Jeff
2006-03-18, 15:42
Take it back and get the Kmart GP. It's the same design, except the lip is rolled out instead of in so food won't get trapped inside. Then mod the handle.

What are you trying to accomplish with the handle mod? Maybe a wingnut and screw would save weight and bulk a bit. Put a bit of heat-resistant tape on the wingnut if you're concerned about it getting hot when you grab it. Or you can just leave the lid and use a square of folded aluminum foil instead.

2006-03-19, 00:26
stove stompers site has a good home made lightwieght handle:


While you are there, look around. He dosn't post much anymore, but he's crazy like the mongoose.