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2006-03-19, 19:28

This is NOT about resupply. But, if you know about resupply locations, maybe you know of hostels/outfitters who can help with shuttles.

I had a nice site bookmarked that showed such things and can't find it now. Checking the Internet is only showing me one shuttle service that can get me from the Atlanta airport to Springer...for $90, and I ahve to take mass transit almost to the end of its line.

I have no heartburn with the mass transit part, but I would bet there are "Trail Angels" and others who can help me get from Sandy Springs Station in Atlanta to the Forest Service trailhead near the top of Springer for a bit less than $90.

Maybe Greyhound part way, and a local shuttle for the rest?

If you can pass some info, I'd appreciate it.


2006-03-19, 21:24
wow... talk about my misplacing a reply... i just saw your post on how you were wondering how to get from the airport to springer, and mentioned marta, shuttles, etc... wish i'd read this first... anyway, short answer is no, i don't know... but the folks over on whiteblaze have a lot of institutional knowledge on the AT and how to get there... maybe you can ask someone there for a list of shuttlers...

2006-03-19, 22:35

It's a great idea, but the links aren't working for me when I click on different informational ones. I'm not a member of WhiteBlaze-heresy, huh? I don't have time to keep up with the boards that I already have subscribed to.


Rage in a Cage
2006-03-19, 23:53
Try contacting Joshua or Leigh Saint at http://www.hikerhostel.com/ or by phone at (770) 312-7342. They do shuttles in the area and Joshua (aka Profile) has posted on Whiteblaze from time to time. I don't know if they will shuttle from Atlanta but I believe they may know of other options that can be of some help to you.

2006-03-20, 00:12
Rage in a Cage-

I knew I'd get some ideas here. After trying another way in, I was able to activate some WhiteBlaze links and found a great one on getting to Springer. It was probably HikerHostel that included a night's stay in their shuttle seervice price. Much better than the $90 one.



Rage in a Cage
2006-03-20, 00:41
I'm Glad to hear it is coming together for you. :)

2006-03-20, 00:49
Yeah-Tomorrow I will start the ball rolling on getting the extra time away from work without being fired...If that looks good, then I'll see about cashing in airmiles. I have a buyer for some of my excess gear, and that will cover the expenses of getting from Atlanta to Springer and some more... It is the only way I can afford to pull this off...


2006-03-20, 00:59
Wish I was still working in Atlanta I'd give you a ride.
I didn't have time to do much hiking while there, so all my knowledge is coming from the net, and it could be wrong.

According to what I'm reading you need to start at Amicalola Falls and hike 8 miles to Springer Mountain. So instead of searching for Atl to Springer maybe you should be searching Atl to Amicalola Falls.

Just found a link to a site that tells of shuttles from Atl to Amicalola Falls. (I'm working more than one window)
You have to register but it looks like a good site for info.


I just registered and tried it out, came up with lots of possiblities.
They also have a forum you could check with for rides.

Site I started with (affiliated with above) tells about buses, trains, etc.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Also found that there is an inn near the terminus of the AT (about 5 mi. from the falls) you have to hike to it. Might be a place to spend the night and get an early start.

2006-03-20, 07:40

I have since contacted < hikerhostel.com >. On their site, the one I'd lost the link to, they are advertising pick up from the MARTA station north of the airport, bunk for the night with shower, towels, shampoo, etc., AYCE breakfast, and ride to the Springer trailhead for $55. A BARGAIN!