View Full Version : Wild turkeys and mule deer

2006-03-21, 21:20
Met these in the Grand Canyon.

The wild turkeys were the pits. They sat on the side of the footbridge and wouldn't let hikers pass, flapping their wings and sqwauking outrage. The ranger had warned us earlier that morning when they walked into our camp that they could be very aggressive, and to take care if their heads/neck turned blue. They apparently will even try to take food out of your hand.

The mule deer, however, were enchanting. They roamed and browsed, only partially alarmed by humans - keeping a safe distance, they went about their business.

There was a notice about how the rangers had to kill about 20 deer because the animals had grown used to being fed by people, and had also consumed plastic which had wrecked their intestines - causing them to starve to death.

Leave no trace.

2006-03-22, 00:38
Here in Montana the mule deer are starting to come out of the hills to eat the spring grass. They're skinny and hungry.
Many of the areas they are going to have houses now. The last few years have seen a terrible amount of building. Almost all the open land and farms in the valleys are now covered with houses.
Isn't strange to see white tail deer eating in a yard in town anymore, they used to stick to the outskirts, but the towns have now surrounded them.

Haven't seen any turkey since last fall. The red wing blackbirds are back though, and the geese are coupling up, that means warm weather should be just around the corner.