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2006-03-22, 20:27
O.K. this has probably been answered elsewhere (like in the oversize rain fly thread beside this one) but I'm asking it again.
What size tarp do you recommend for over my hammock?

I built my own hammock, it is approximately 8 ft. long when laying flat and is fairly wide, as I am. (with me in it approx. 30")
I haven't made skins for it yet, but plan too.
I am running a separate ridge line for the tarp and not hooking it to my hammock, as I plan to suspend my pack from it.
My screen is currently a 1/2 tube (only covers head area) and not attached to the hammock. This might change as I try it out, but in most instances I expect that won't even carry it, as I don't have many problems with bugs.

Any suggestions, even the hammock is changeable if you have a good idea.

Just Jeff
2006-03-22, 20:33
I'd say at least a foot on either end, so a minimum 10' ridgeline. Other than that, width is dependent on shape. 8x10' rectangles seem to be popular, and Risk uses a 5x10. He says it keeps him dry, but he brings a bigger one if he's expecting rain that might keep him holed up for a while.

So there ya go - at least 10' long and 5' wide.

FWIW, I'm a fan of the JRB 8x8 (11' ridgeline) and the MacCat Standard.

2006-03-22, 23:34

i've got two flys (or is that flies?) for my HH ULB-Asym. one is the stock tarp. the other is an 8 x 10. after much discussion, i'm eventually going to use an 8 x 8, but am waiting (about 6 months now) for walmart to get some more silnylon in to make it with... (worth the wait at $1 a yard!)

i set my 8 x 10 up two ways:

a-frame style. i tie the foot end way high (about 6', and i'm 5-10) and off center toward the foot end. this makes a small vestibule so you can stand up, put on or take off rain gear, and stretch without having to stoop over. i put the head end down lower, since i don't get out on that end, and lower keeps the rain out of that end. one disadvantage is that worst case, it takes 6 stakes to keep it guyed out.

diamond style. this is a little 'messy', and why i'll go with an 8 x 8 eventually... you get a huge diagonal (almost 13 feet) if you use the whole thing, or you can sort of turn it a little and hang it like an 8 x 8 and have a 2 x 8 piece that either flaps in the wind or you can sort of fold it around (i use it at the head end, on the weather side) for added protection... but after hanging in all sorts of weather, that's a bit of overkill, imho... an advantage over the a-frame is that it only takes 2-3 stakes to guy out (but some edges will flap).

i've been impressed with how well the stock fly does for it's tiny size, and realized that the key is the diamond shape... an 8 x 8 has about an 11' diagonal, which is plenty of extra coverage length-wise, and comes way down the sides to keep the rain out. it will only take 2 stakes to guy out, just like the stock fly. the difference in weight is almost half... my 8 x 10 weighs about 19 oz with all the seams and tie out cords, about 22 with all the stakes... i'm guessing the 8 x 8 will be about 11oz (i think that's what the mccat is). the stock fly is 7oz for sure, so an additional 4-6oz would be worth it to me. the 8 x 10's additional 12-15oz won't be worth it when i have another option... but for now, it's fine...

whenever i feel sorry for myself, i think about living under a poncho, or grandma gatewood and her keds and canvas bag... makes silnylon tarps and a 20oz pack seem real light...

oh. and welcome to the hanging crowd, if you weren't a convert already...

(resistance is futile... all will be assimilated...)