View Full Version : Shoebuy.com and Propet shoes?

2006-03-24, 02:20
I'm thinking on buying some:
Men's Propet Camp Walker Hi

Sealtex waterproof membrane lining, durable nylon mesh/leather upper, padded collar and tongue. Hooks for secure lacing, internal heel counter for added support, removable cushion orthotic. Lightweight molded EVA midsole for shock absorption, built-in contoured heel stabilizer, specially designed rubber outsole for durability and traction. 1,000 Mile Gaurantee on unitsole wear.

From shoebuy.com:

http://images6.theimagehosting.com/prope34374_27186_jb.jpg (http://www.theimagehosting.com)

I have trouble finding shoes to fit my feet (10 eee) and these shoes are supposed to be "extra wide". They are also high tops which I need as I am a gimp and need have support for my right ankle (I hate to wear my brace). These sound about perfect and are fairly inexpensive.

Has anyone had any experience with this site or these shoes?

2006-03-24, 09:41
No particular experience with the site or the shoes, but my overall experience with buying shoes on-line is this: unless you have tried the shoes on, you have an even chance (or worse) of being disappointed. However, if you get good reports about the site, and are confident you can make a no-hassle, no cost return, go for it. I have purchased from Sierra Trading Post, and when the shoes didn't fit, returns were no problem. The rate of returns was so high that I have quit buying on line unless it's a make and model I already own.

Caveat emptor!

2006-03-24, 10:48
no experience with the site, but if you can return them, go for it... i have a cousin who has one foot a full size larger than the other, and she (yes, she) has an almost impossible time buying shoes... or did, until the internet made shopping easier... so i know a little about how difficult it can be to find 'odd size' shoes, even if it's just extra wide ones...

again, if they have a good return policy, go for it... an online search for complaints is also likely to turn up any problems... if you can find out where their warehouse is, the Better Business Bureau in the area will also have a file on complaints... i think the BBB has a website too...

(and since you've been chosen as the unofficial guinea pig, let us know how it works out! :biggrin: )

2006-03-24, 14:26
Dropkick you do not have to worry about returning anything to Sierra Trading Post. Their return policy is as good as it gets. When you get your order you will recieve a return form AND a preprinted return label. When and if you use that label your credit card will be charged $5.25. That is about as painless as it gets. They are the ONLY mail order house I will order clothing from for that reason. They are also Christian owned and apparantly endeavor to actually apply the Golden Rule. I would call and make the order because sometimes there are notes about fit (up or down) that may not have made it into the catalog. Of course, like anywhere else, if you wear the boots out of the house, you own 'em.

2006-03-25, 09:04
I don't have any experience with these shoes, but I did order a pair of Wafflestomper Nimbles from shoebuy.com. Transaction was smooth, and I had no issues. Did not need to return the shoes, so don't know how their service is.

After that first purchase, they sent me a discount for another pair ... but I didn't need any other shoes so it expired. Something to keep in mind if you are looking to get a couple pairs.

2006-03-27, 04:31
Ordered the shoes have to wait and see how it turns out.
Received 10% off (first order\ registration).
If it works out I'm going to get some new sandals too.
-With the $20.00 buying incentive (for 2nd pair) I'm supposed to receive and a coupon I found online for $15.00, I should be able to get the $50.00 sandals for $15.00.
But it all depends on how happy the shoes make me.

2006-03-30, 01:58
Got my shoes today.
This is the quickest shipping I've ever gotten from a company.
So far I like the shoes, they fit well (very difficult to find with my feet) and are comfortable.
Haven't gone very far in them yet, but so far I'm very happy.
Will report again.

2006-04-04, 03:16
Took my shoes for a walk this weekend. Didn't go real far (maybe 15 mi. total) but I'm very happy with them so far. Extremely comfortable on my feet and only got better as I went.
-Also waded a shallow stream and the waterproof statement holds up (for now).
They seem to be wearing well so far too, still look almost brand new (most of my shoes don't after I've worn them for a couple days).
I may buy a second pair.

2006-04-04, 04:50
I know this don't sound right but it works for me if you wet the inside of you shoe not to much then go for a walk the feet will form to the shoe or the shoe will form to the feet

2006-05-12, 01:14
Ordered a second pair of the Campwalkers today. These have possibly been the most comfortable best fitting shoes I've ever owned. I decided to get a second pair before they discontinue them - what normally happens to any product I really like.

I also ordered a pair of Propet Tide Walker sandals. They also come in xxwide so I'm hoping they are as comfortable.
I received 10 dollars off + a 10% member discount, and with the $20 certificate I got when I first ordered I got a very good deal.