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2006-03-24, 17:45
What's the rule for to and too?
I can't remember and it's bugging me. I look at a sentence and if to doesn't look right I change it to too, but I know I'm screwing up sometimes.

And is it e before i or i before e, except after c?

How about when you use I or me?

And what the heck is a dangling participle?

I think my brain is clogged.

2006-03-24, 18:21
"to" is when you go somewhere, like to the store...

"too" means 'also'... it has the extra 'o' (remember also=extra)

i before e, except after c, except when sounding like A, as in neighor and weigh (or when it sounds like I, as in Budweiser).

"I" is used when referring to yourself as the subject of a sentance as in "I went to the store", or a Direct Object, as in the question and answer "Who is it? It is I." I know it sounds funny, and the response is usually "it's just me.", but i believe "I" is actually correct english.

Me is used when you're refering to yourself as the object of a preposition, as in "That book belongs to me". There are probably exceptions.

hey, we don't talk about dangling anything in public. :biggrin:

actually, i don't know... it has something to do with being a particular kind of sentance fragment without the proper connection to the preceding sentance...

btw, i didn't know any of this crap when i was furst borned... my first language was actually german, til i was about 3... then i goed to skool... after skool, i met my wife, who were a Nenglish Major (yikes!) and i've had constant lessons since i was 20... Now, I both speak and write the King's English in a manner properly befitting a gentleman. (yeah, right... when have you ever known me to use a capital letter when a small would do? or a full sentance when i could leave something off? i do try to use proper spelling and grammar most of the time though. :biggrin: )

2006-03-24, 18:23
To ok open a can worms to me to too two is all there is to it.Lets go to the store too then in two days go again

2006-03-24, 21:55
Now that we are straight on the rules...Go TO the woods for a good nights sleep.....Pick TWO nice trees....and don't tie your hammock TOO tight....

Pan :biggrin:

john pickett
2006-03-27, 12:46
You guys are too funny.

John Pickett :adore:

john pickett
2006-03-27, 12:51
STUPID @^*%@!)&%$ computer!
When I wrote that last, the "T"s of to, too, and two were lined up vertically.

2006-03-27, 14:45
that's ok.. we can envision it, and it would have looked cool...

my wife informs me that a dangling participle is that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat... (that doesn't seem right though... :biggrin:)

2006-03-31, 17:18
To wear two tutus is too much in toto.

2006-03-31, 17:26
To write two tutu rites is too too right.

2006-03-31, 17:42
Beware of bees where a bee wears wares
just to be too too right to write two right tutu rites.
For to wear two tutus before four would be wood bees
would be too too much in toto before four right right bees.

2006-03-31, 18:08
How much whey could a Zimbab weigh if a Zimbab could weigh whey?