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2006-04-04, 03:35
v. pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing, pro·cras·ti·nates
1) To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
2) To postpone or delay needlessly.

Do any of the rest of you have this problem?

I have about a half dozen projects sitting around unfinished. Instead of going back to them I start a new one. Don't even have the excuse of not having the parts needed as I went to town last week and got them all (I think).
Started to clean my work area today in preparation to finishing some of my projects, but found a book and got side tracked.

Can't seem to get up the enough enthusiasm to start working on them. I know once I do start I'll enjoy it, but can't seem to start.

2006-04-04, 05:45
o yeah tell me about it for the last two weeks i am going to clean the work shop the first day it rains or do a late night thing if its warm out its rained i been up late ever night its warm out and i am sitting here on this computer shopping e bay i got so many camping stoves in boxes in the shop no work room just a path i guess i got it procrastinate oh yes i got 3 or 4 in the iron saying tomorrow

2006-04-04, 11:19
I'll get back to you in a bit...

Just Jeff
2006-04-04, 11:43
I have ideas for several projects, and probably have the materials...just haven't gotten around to even starting...maybe tomorrow.

2006-04-05, 08:42
I'll get back to you in a bit...
LMAO.... Love this post!!

lucky luke
2006-04-05, 10:03
high dropkick,

come and have a look at my workshop. youŽll feel at home instantly. gotta run and finish packing that parcel that i started an hour ago... have signed pipes, packed up 2 more half ready parcels, checked mail and got stuck here....

lucky luke

2006-04-05, 18:40
Procrastination is also what my stove is doing when I want it to boil water.

2006-04-05, 22:58
Procrastination is also what my stove is doing when I want it to boil water.